How To Actually Read Your Bible In A GEN-Z World

We live in a world where, in all truth, our Bible kinda scares us. We promise ourselves to change and improve and read that Holy Book daily but, mehnn, Do we? No. We don’t. And I do not blame us. Really. 

In this article, we will be looking at ways to actually actualize your want. People (adults) might not get this, but we actually Love God and we want to study his word and get close to him — it’s just their methods and ways don’t work for us. We’ve tried, but they don’t just work. I’ll show you what works for our modern mind and don’t let anyone tell you it’s bad to be modern or in the moment — for even God is in this modern age and he speaks even in the moment. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with you if you feel guilty about these things. God loves you and you love him. That’s all that matters. 

Let’s get into the gist, shall we? 


I discovered, myself, that Proverbs is a soothing and understandable Bible book. Proverbs actually relate to our everyday struggles and most times, when I find myself lost and confused, I go to this book and I just read. I JUST READ. You can do the same. Nothing too deep. Just take your Bible, open to Proverbs, and just read. Don’t think too much about it. JUST DO IT. let it speak to you. Allow it to pierce deep into your soul. Laugh where it is funny. Sober up where you feel heard. Pray when you feel moved to. Be in the corner of your room and just read — you and God both. Trust me love, that is enough. 


I particularly love this. Even the first verse of the first chapter has this riddle-like vibe to it. Check it out and you’d see. Relax and read on. What do you see? To me, it is cute, detailed, and a fun way of describing the authority and supremacy of Lord Jesus in his Truth and Grace. All I see in this book, especially in the 17th verse of the first chapter, is Grace upon Grace upon Grace. It is saying slowly to me that even I can be forgiven. Saying to me ‘Try again, I am the God of second chances’. What is it saying to you? 


Go back in time to Exodus. Don’t be overwhelmed. I know this book has about 40 chapters but the story of Moses only begins from the first chapter. Read from there to 15. Take your time. But make sure you’re getting the point. This book is powerful as it teaches perseverance, discipline, and faith in one fold. These 3 virtues are what we most lack and what we need the most as millennials. Take your time to understand how the Egyptians related to God and also, how God in turn disciplined time when necessary. What awes me the most is that God literally kept them in the wilderness for so many years with the promise of one Promised Land. And they believed! That always blows my mind. I don’t know if I can chill for that long, holding on to a promise. For reals. Do you think you can?? 


List out everything you learn as you learn them. What you see. What you hear. What you understand. What you don’t. If you have the time, write down your prayer requests, buttress them with individual Bible verses, and paste them on your room wall. Scare the shit out of the Devil if he dares to peep. You are God’s baby. Untouchable. Unstoppable. 


Breathe, love. You have to. For the word of God says, ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your path straight’ Now, let me ask you this — DO YOU BELIEVE? 

If you do, type ‘Amen’ in the comments. Enjoy your week.