Special Guide – How To Become An Idan (2023)

First, we asked ourselves, who is an IDAN? Then we critically perused the internet, swam through the ocean of Twitter, and wandered the streets of WhatsApp to fully comprehend the depths of this title, as most call it. 

We found it! 

We found the Holy Grail and we’re about to tell you all about an IDAN. Who he is and How to be like him. 

Stay with us. 


An IDAN is someone who has a mind of his own and speaks in his own voice. An IDAN is daring. An IDAN doesn’t have a brittle tongue when it comes to what he thinks is right. He doesn’t care about the repercussions of things — he is someone that hopes for the best but expects the worst. That is who an IDAN is. 

In one statement, an IDAN is a local title for AN ACTIVIST. He who stands strong come what storm. To have the IDAN ATTITUDE, you must be ready to sacrifice all and follow these 5 crucial steps we will be preaching to you. 

Step One


This sounds like a joke but it’s not. How do you expect to fully spread your wings if you are confined by your family? We are not saying not to love your family. But, looking at the descriptions above, you’d notice one skill an IDAN generally possesses. And it is INDEPENDENCE. An IDAN is independent. Like a modern-day Gypsy, his moves are coded and very personal. Before you can know which is which with an IDAN, you must first pass the test to be allowed into his personal space. We love our families, yes. But they confine us. They hold us back sometimes from realising our true potential. Therefore, it is in your best interest to leave home and find a new place to call home. A place where your brilliant IDAN mind can breathe. This is the first step in the IDAN journey.

Step Two


A full-bred IDAN is the FITTEST. To be the fittest you must to survive. It is a different thing to leave your family — and it is an entirely different thing to LEARN the rules of the SURVIVAL GAME. An IDAN does what it takes to survive. An IDAN doesn’t necessarily flaunt his survival strategy or income flows — he just survives! A low-key chilled and exotic life is the life of an IDAN. An IDAN does not struggle, he just survives. He always and MUST survive. That’s it! 

Step Three


IDAN is a community lover. He is passionate about the people he cares about. An IDAN knows it all. He sees you and understands your pain without you even speaking. An IDAN can always relate. He has been there once or twice so he knows just what he’s talking about. If you are smart, like an IDAN, you would have understood that the core personality trait of an IDAN is SHOWING UP for his people by all means possible. To be an IDAN you must be ready to show up and do more without it seeming like stress — you have to make it seem like second nature. That’s the way it goes. 

4) Step Four


Okay, so, before you say we are contradicting ourselves, you have to understand that we are an IDAN ourselves, therefore we CANNOT be contradicted. IDAN gives no 2 fvcks! An IDAN is someone that speaks for others — and to speak for others, you first must be true to yourself. This is why when an IDAN lies or makes a mistake, no one knows — for an IDAN is immaculate. An IDAN speaks whatever about whoever — and whomever can only move the fvck on! Yes! Life goes on but life cannot go on without an IDAN. 

If you observe this thing well, you’d discover that being an IDAN literally means you are a force that cannot be reckoned with. You speak and profess your thoughts in the most influential way. And with this, people follow you and want to be you, even when you don’t try, even when you are just being your IDAN self. An IDAN is an inspiration to all and sundry. An IDAN is an IDAN. An IDAN is a beacon of light that can never go off. Can you be all these?? Think again.

Step Five


To go through the darkest storms of life without withering. This, our dear friend, is easier said than done. It takes the courage of a Leopard, the slyness of a Cat, and the mask of a Peacock to fight your battles, win your battles and still stand strong. The ability to persevere in the midst of it all, without allowing the stereotypical ideas of modern-day society to reflect in your decisions for yourself, is an inherent ability of an IDAN. And to attain this level of emotional intelligence, you can do nothing. One can only be born with it. 

In other words, an IDAN is born an IDAN. It is a crown they have been wearing since birth. A crown no one can dispute —not even you. 


What if we tell you that Trybe City is a born IDAN? We were born with the crown and we will be keeping it. No one can compare —and even they know it. Well, now that you know, you’re welcome. 

Do you think of yourself as an IDAN according to our detailed analysis? Let us know in the comments.