#TrybeS3XLife – Disadvantages Of Protected Sheggs 

He he he! You think say you dey wise. Every time, ‘Babe, hope you’re with a condom’ Arghh! Wetin sef

When was the last time you had raw sheggs? 

Yes, we said it. Raw Sheggs

Is it true that some of you guys have never had raw sex with a babe before?? Ahh! And you call yourself Yoruba Demon. Think say na for mouth? All that Femi lala, Tunji nla all ends when you begin to tear the wrapper. 

And as for you, babe, if you have not experienced raw sheggs with a BBC, You dull yourself. You’re yet to experience life itself. We’ll tell you why. 

Stay with us: 

1) STIs/STDs 

As much as these are out there, you won’t come across them. So long you don’t have multiple sexual partners. It is your babe and you, what’s holding you back? Is it the fact that you don’t trust them? Well, that can be taken care of. Have you heard of MAGUN?? We rest our case. 


Have you ever asked yourself Why do people say a pregnancy is unwanted? Didn’t the Bible say Children are gifts? Why run from them? Or rather, Why do you run, Sade? Listen ehn. The next time you get pregnant, keep it Serious. Just try it. It’s just 9 months na can’t be that bad, can it? So, yes, the disadvantage of having sex is that you are preventing the bountiful gifts of God to change the course of your destiny.


Do you know why we look at you with a bombastic side eye when you complain of acne and rashes never leaving you be? 

It is because you are deceiving yourself. Let’s show you this Spemen analysis: 

Dr. Reitano, a male health specialist said sperm contains vitamin C, B12, ascorbic acid, Calcium, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, Zinc, potassium, sodium, fat, and hundreds of different protein (visit health.com to know more) 

If this isn’t enough to preach to you what you’ve been missing, then we give up! 


Nah. We don’t give up here. You must hear our cries and you must change. 

Don’t you want to live long? Living a happymeme life has a lot to do with the functionality of your sex life. Sheggs ease tension. All that stiff neck and constipation are forgotten. You see, ehn, you can be wise about it. Once in a while, try out raw sheggs. For real. If you don’t see changes come back, vex and read more fun articles as you follow us media platforms below. 

We only wish the best for you. That’s all we ever want. No hurt feelings to the virgins in the house. Stay jiggy, y’all.