We compiled reasons why your babes are always getting snatched

Guys must think that their fine faces and abs are enough to keep a girl. The most annoying part is that this rich fine boy’s idea of love is showering money and gifts on their babes. The reality is that these babes still cheat on their ‘so-called’ rich boyfriends.

Have you ever bothered to ask yourself why? Have you thought about what more she could want? And shit like that?

Well, know these two things:

  1. There is more to babes than meets the eye.
  2. Read more to know the reason your babes are snatched.

A quick irony, not all guys are ‘rich rich’ and they still have girlfriends. Does their state of finance stop the relationship from falling apart, If it will, or surviving all storms, if it will? That is to say, there are tactics to this game.


The fact that some of you guys talk about your sex life in public with your other guys! Ahn ahn!! *bombastic side eye* Nah. I’m not saying you can’t talk to your Bros. But what I’m trying to get across is that somethings are not meant to leave the four corners of your room with your partner, especially if it portrays them negatively or poorly.

Okay, tell me, how would you feel if your babe tells her friends that you don’t last long in bed or you snore so bad or you have a terrible and disgusting morning breath? Yeah, right. I thought as much.

What is not cool, there is no need of cutting it through corners, is not cool. Stop talking down

about your babe to your dudes. The sad irony is that it is the same friend you’re telling that

will snatch her from you since he sees you don’t deserve her love.



This is where your money, your Lexus ‘360’, and your fine apartment puts you to shame because it will never be enough. Firstly try to understand that making it in life is an inbuilt skill in every human. And yes, as a man, I’m sorry but society has already crowned you with the Label of the “caregiver” and “provider“. It is a beautiful thing to see all these men and boys try all they can to stand up to these expectations, but then, that’s all a stereotype. ‘Providing’ is your choice as a man. You always have the option of not providing. There are men out there that don’t cater for their families and they don’t care. So trust me you’re doing a good job standing up for what you think is right.


lastly, if you think because you are Gen Z you automatically get to forfeit this in a relationship, then, you’re kidding yourself. Lister, there is no escaping it. Why in the first instance did you decide it is time to get a girlfriend and be in a relationship if you’re not ready for the responsibilities that come with it? Don’t do that. Since you fell in Love, accept the responsibilities that come with Love. Be attentive to the little details.


We can go on and on. and even we have a feeling there will be more to talk about in the near

future.Till then, stay chill. Hold on to your partner. Don’t lose good women before you think you are in your right, LOL. Ask Kanye if e dey easy to lose a good woman, ask him fess Na. We wouldn’t mind having the last laugh when your relationship crashes actually. BEWARE! Boys are hungry.


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