Some days, I look like this after a long day of work!

The Creative’s Chronicles Ep. 1: Help! I’m Good at Everything I Do

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On this week’s episode of The Creative’s Chronicles…
Our subject says he’s good at everything he does and he thinks it’s an overwhelming sport. Read what he says:

“Back then in Primary school, I was very good at maths and a few other subjects that required me to mess around with figures. I wasn’t particularly dull academically…at least I still managed to stay in a good spot in-between my peers in the class but I didn’t get all the attention all the time. I started learning graphic design back in 2021 because I wanted to earn money while studying on campus and since then, i’ve been learning different but related skills aggressively.

Right now, I do live streaming, graphic design, and Forex Trading and I’m a sports analyst in the radio station (school). I feel like my life is slowly becoming all work, work and work! More people are noticing my skills and some expect me to work for them for free because we’re close. Lol, Is that not funny? 

Being good at many things is a blessing and a curse at the same time. One moment you’re happy you can make money from different streams, the other you just want to get away and disappear but you have to keep paying the bills, you know. It’s an overwhelming sport, bruh.”

What’s Trybe City’s Interviewer’s Thoughts On That?

There is nothing wrong with being skilled and well–versed in what you do. However, it’s a bad idea to think only you can deliver the quality of work you desire to see. You can’t do everything all at once. You need to practise looking away even when things are turing south sometimes especially when you’re not the one directly responsible for it.

Don’t spread yourself too thin in the name of passion. There are still many more things to be passionate about that are yet to come. Watch out for burnout dear creative. It attacks slowly but leaves a denting effect on you even after you’re free.

Here’s what to do when you’re overwhelmed

  1. Take breaks when necessary.
  2. Break down tasks and delegate.
  3. Look after yourself and only control what you can.
  4. Set firm boundaries and guard it well.
  5. Visualize relief, imagine where you’d be if you weren’t working.
  6. Be kind to yourself and speak about it.

Also, get to know whether you’ll be paid or not before you get on a job and don’t let anyone one bamboozle you into doing what you don’t want to do. Remember you have to take care of yourself first and you need money to do that–vacation to your dream location will cost you money, innit?

Make sure you take things slow, dear creative. Remember, you’re only called a creative because you can always come up with new creative ideas every given time. Take care of yourself.

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