It’s A New Semester. Try These Five Hacks To Be Ahead Of Your Class!

Good grades are everything, especially in a tertiary institution. Whether you want to apply for research grants or scholarships, one of the major qualifications you would be asked 9 out of 10 times is your grade points average (GPA). 

You may have tried different techniques but it seems nothing is working out for you. The good news is if you’re still in school, there’s something that can be done to raise your grades. Whatever your goals are this semester, it’s not impossible when you do it with Trybe.

Although, if you’re in your final year, you might not really see much difference but if you put in the efforts required and it works out well for you, you’d be glad you gave it a trial! If you are serious about improving your grades this semester, try these five simple yet effective hacks to stay ahead of your class!

5 Sure-fire Hacks to Stay Ahead Of Your Class


Study to Understand the System

One of the best advice you will ever receive in the University is to study to understand how the system works so you can leverage the knowledge gained to create a good experience for yourself.

You will always experience high and low moments with students, lecturers, and even yourself but knowing how to adjust to every situation and person is one key trait that will carry you throughout your studies and beyond.


Study Ahead of Your Classes

Get study past questions, highlighters, sticky notes, and a notepad, and set out a plan on how you want to prepare for each course in the semester. There’s a saying that if you fail to prepare, you are indirectly preparing to fail.

Therefore, take note of the academic goals you’ve visualized mentally and organize your goals to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. You can do this…We are rooting for you at Trybe City!


Study Smarter

The secret to studying smarter is knowing exactly what to do and whether it aligns with your personality and academic goals. There are several study tips and tricks you will find online but you have to consider whether it aligns with your personality or not.

Some of the common tips for studying smarter are;

  • Have a schedule and stick to it
  • Engage with your topics in class or in a study group
  • Pay 100 per cent attention in class
  • Take regular breaks between study sessions
  • Use highlighters for better note organization
  • Read actively and reflect on what you read
  • Try mind mapping

(If you want an extensive article on these smart study habits, let me know in the comment section below) 


Find Motivation for Yourself

You should be your biggest fan in anything you do—whether you come out as successful or not. Nothing (no grade, no crush, nobody, no job—nothing!) should define your self-worth outside of the positive things you believe about yourself. In the same light, knowing you’re enough irrespective of your grades should form the foundation for your motivation towards your academics.

However, if you find yourself in the middle of a very discouraging situation and you’re keen on improving your grades, find your motivation in the goal you want to achieve to keep you moving forward. Never lay the foundation of your trust in yourself on negative circumstances or destructive criticism, too. You are enough so go get that grade up, okay?


Make Time for Sleeping and eating well

Making enough time to sleep sufficiently and eat a proper and balanced diet is a non-negotiable for students. Research proves that students who feed regularly and on time on a healthy diet show more signs of vigor and vitality compared to others who don’t. Eating a balanced diet daily improves your energy levels, memory, and focus and boosts your immunity to illness and diseases.

The same goes for sleep. The recommended amount of sleep for an adult is at least seven hours daily. You can adopt to a new system of sleeping by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. Consistency with your new regimen will eventually adjust your body’s sleep-wake cycle to keep you going for the new semester. Remember, the trick to getting up early is to sleep early.

Note: Your goals will only be achieved when you’re in the right state of health and alive to live it out. Give your brain enough time and space to process information and store it properly.

In a bid to support you on your journey to achieving good grades this semester, I have decided to add a bonus tip here for you. Happy Reading!

Bonus Tip: Try taking handwritten notes in between lectures or during your personal study. Remember, taking notes helps you with comprehension, mind organization, and quick recollection of information amongst other benefits.

Will you be trying some or all of these tips in the new semester? Let me know in the comment section.

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