5 Ways Of Building Your Self-Esteem

Relationship life, career life, interpersonal relationships, etc are the stages in your life that you have to be self-conscious of both your self-esteem and self-worth. Knowing this, you’ll thrive no matter the situation or moment.

Your self-esteem is very important that it will help you move forward in life and help you abstain from giving focus on what you shouldn’t put focus on.

These are the ways that you can build your self-esteem;

1. Understand yourself


I feel like the first thing as a human being that we should understand is ourselves, when you understand yourself, understand what you like , understand what type of clothing you love to put on, understand the type of environment you can stay etc. When we understand these things, we don’t have to question our wants and needs and even though if everyone in the particular setting are carrying our an action, we desist from participating in this act because you know that not the type of person you are. Another example is our school life, in a scenario where people are going for night classes and even though you know you can’t cope in an environment like that, you know you won’t gain anything, since you’ve understood this about yourself, you won’t engage in this venture and only participate in the one that’s profitable to you.

2. Avoid comparing yourself to others

This is a point that is giving buttress to the previous point. As someone who want to go far in life, you have to stop comparing yourself to other. The first thing is to understand yourself and when you’ve done this ,you wouldn’t have to compare yourself to others and by not doing this ,you won’t have to engage in activity that won’t be productive for you. Still using the point of school, for instance you’ve got a classmate that plays game a lot but he still ace his exams and you on the other hand knows that if you follow this trend you’ll not only fail, you might sent out of the university . It’s not that you can’t also play game but you have to know the time to do this and also the time to play game and this,you know by not comparing yourself to this other classmate.

3. Celebrate small wins

You should get rid of the idea of the fact that when you achieve something, it’s just by shear luck and it’s not by your handwork , someone with high self-esteem will acknowledge small wins and will try to do more when you do this, you’ll excel and you won’t belittle what you can do or achieve in life.

4. Be aware of yourself


This is done by taking notes of your attributes, your flaws etc. and by doing this , you’ll know the attributes you should work and flaws you should abolish. It might even be in form of an inventory, where you list these things and when discover that you have more of weaknesses than strengths, by this you know you have to work more on yourself and you can also list some other skills or attributes you’d like to acquire. This will help you improve and build your self-esteem.

5. Take care of yourself

Practice the act of making yourself a priority, work on yourself and you should also love yourself. When you pay attention to your body, yourself, you’ll understand the part you should take care of and part your should develop on. Eating good food, Skin care routine, exercising well, these are ways of taking care of yourself and this will help build your self-esteem.

Building your self-esteem will help you very much and will make you make use of your time very well by focusing on the right things and avoiding toxic relationships with people.