Top 13 Food Spots At UNILAG

Food at the University of Lagos is generally good, we take pride in that. It majorly comprises three things: Taste, Relaxation, and affordability ( err, you are certain to find one to fit your pocket ). There’s a food spot for everyone.

There are various spots but the popular ones are what we are here to talk about.


Some of the top spots are here below:


This deserves the very top spot because it’s known by not only students of Unilag and also frequented by them. People say the grilled turkey is one of the best, it’s known to be a bit on the high side though if you’re looking for something, not pricey. They sell spaghetti and turkey with plantain, fried yam and turkey, Suya rice and turkey. The next time you visit the school of your first choice, you should check it out. It’s located at the back of the amphitheatre near the sports centre.


You can get one of the cheapest foods on Unilag Campus and it’s a very popular place too. The food is as cheap as one spoon of rice for a hundred naira. It’s very accessible too, they have three locations in the school, one in each main axis of the school: Gate (education), new hall and Campus.

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Salado is located near Korede spag, and people say their location is on par with their price. The food is nice but if you’re not willing to spend much money, you should probably not go here but if you’re all for quality over quantity, this is the right choice.

4. 2001

2001… Some say it’s mavise’s biggest competitor, especially at the New hall axis. 2001 comprises different food vendors, so you have a choice with so many options to choose from. It has a very large place to sit, so you can even relax after you eat finish eating and watching TV.

5. SHOP 10

This is located at red bricks, near the Jaja hostel on campus. It’s two shops away from mavise too. Shop 10 is for its ‘sophisticacy’. It’s a good place to go if you don’t care for the price and you just want good food. You get to enjoy your food in a semi-private environment compared to other restaurants near it.

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Korede spag’s biggest rival. It’s compared so much that it could be a first-date question. You’ll just be like Korede or seun spag? Bamm! A conversation starter. You could then argue about the one that’s spicier or tastes better, classic silence filler. They also sell shawarma and fried yam and turkey. The price is around the same range as Koredes’. It’s located in the New hall area of Unilag.


Jekaplay is known for games and food. It’s the one spot known for playing games and also popular for its good food. It also has space for relaxing and watching TV. It’s located below 2001 in the New hall area of Unilag.

8. P.M.G

This restaurant is also located in the Newhall area, a little after Mavise. Their customers are mostly people who don’t want the crowd at 2001 or the heat at Mavise. The place usually only gets crowdy when food is limited at the other nearby restaurant or when they’re not open. Their portions are inconsistently satisfactory and delicious. They are popularly known for their Yamarita. You can also check it out.

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Blessed food restaurant is another popular place for good food located at the Jaja food complex in the main Campus area. It’s near both Mavise and Shop10. The food there is quite mouthwatering. It’s another rival of mavise restaurant. The good is the food is quite cheap.


Iya Moria is one of the top favourite food canteens for both students and lecturers, I’ve spotted a couple of lecturers there enjoying a steaming hot bowl of Amala or pounded yam. Iya Moria has two branches within the main Campus, one of them is located beside the Nurudeen Alao Hall (DLI) on the way to Honours Hall, while the other is at the Faculty of Arts Lecturers Cafeteria.  Despite the seemingly remote locations of Iya Moria’s restaurants, it is one of those with the highest customer base because why not? Iya Moria has received a lot of awards and recognitions within and outside the Unilag (Akoka) campus. One major feature of Iya Moria’s restaurant in Unilag is that it is budget-friendly.


OP Vine is located at the Professor Saburi Biobaku Hall complex on Ransome Kuti Drive. It is surrounded by Kofo Ademola Hall, Amina Hall, Faculty of Education and Biobaku Hall. OP Vine is the best, place to get smoothies, fruit blends and different kinds of Coffee.  OP Vine gives you the best tastes and a comfortable place to eat despite their small space. OP Vine may not have a big space like the other big names on campus, but it sure has a big space in the hearts of the customers. Isn’t that what matters?


Chef Lu is one of those exquisite f0ood spots that don’t get the hype it deserves because of the affordability. Many students in the Faculty of Management Sciences (formally Business Administration) may not be aware that this great amazing food spot is just behind their Faculty main building.  If you’re looking for a place to get quality shawarma, spaghetti, and turkey or just something different from the norm that you can enjoy, try Chef Lu. The environment is open outdoor-like, nice, and comfortable enough to enjoy your meal or buy and take away.


The Coffee shop is located at the Unilag Guest house. The environment is serene, calm, and quiet. Many people go there for free WiFi and to study (Mostly Law Students). The Unilag Guest house is right beside the Faculty of Management Sciences and quite close to the lagoon, so the air is fresh and the view is nice. The place is decorated and well branded and although I’ve never had coffee there before, I am pretty sure it’ll be nice. Oh! They don’t just sell coffee, there are snacks, light foods, and drinks too. It is a good place to have a tea/coffee date or just relax.

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There you have it, thirteen spots to look forward to eating when you visit the best University in the Universe. I hope they meet your expectations.