Going Back in Time: 10 Ways You Could Have Easily Gotten Rich in 2020

In the pandemic year of 2020, filled with problems and surprises, there were chances for people to do well if they were ready to change and grab the opportunities. For Nigerians, going through the twists and turns of the pandemic might have felt difficult, but there were also hidden chances to succeed. This post will talk about 10 simple ways you could have made money in 2020. We’ll look into the good things that happened, even in the middle of all the challenges the pandemic brought. So, let’s explore the opportunities that bloomed in 2020, showing that even in tough times, there were ways to thrive.

Agriculture and Food Supply

The importance of food became glaringly evident during lockdowns. Entrepreneurs who ventured into agriculture, food processing, and delivery services met a rising demand. From backyard farming to innovative food delivery solutions, opportunities in the agribusiness sector were abundant. Farmers and raw food vendors made quite a lot of money in 2020, from selling foodstuffs to people, including dropping them at people’s doorsteps even at an extra price.

Health and Wellness Industry

With health at the forefront of global concerns, the wellness industry saw a surge. Starting a business related to health products, fitness coaching, or mental health services tapped into the growing awareness of holistic well-being. Establishing an emergency health clinic, production and distribution of hand sanitizers, selling health-related materials, including nose masks and sanitizers, and even buying and reselling  basic drugs led thousands of people to their millions during the pandemic. 

Community Support Initiatives

In times of crisis, community support became paramount. Initiatives that focused on helping others, whether through charity work, community development projects, or social enterprises, not only made a positive impact but also garnered support and financial backing. This helped generate a lot of money for community leaders, peer group leaders, and local government authorities back in 2020.

Digital Entrepreneurship Boom

During 2020’s lockdowns, a big change happened in how people do business online. More people started using the internet, and this created many chances for success. Online stores did well because more people began shopping on the internet. People who make videos on platforms like YouTube became very successful since many were spending more time online. The need for online services went way up, providing new opportunities for digital entrepreneurs. Going into the online world wasn’t just a fad; it was a smart move for making money. Starting an online business lets entrepreneurs reach a wide audience, and making content and offering digital services become crucial in the growing online economy.

Real Estate Opportunities

While traditional real estate faced challenges, opportunities arose in unconventional areas. Developing affordable housing, renovating properties for remote work, or investing in virtual real estate became pathways for financial success. This made many land and house wonders very rich, and some still benefit today from the whole 2020 bloom.

Investing in Technology Stocks

In 2020, when regular markets were unpredictable, a smart way to make money was by focusing on technology. While other markets were up and down, the tech sector did well. Companies offering things like tools for working from home, online communication, and online shopping platforms saw a lot of success. If you had invested in technology stocks during the pandemic, you could have made a lot of money. Technology stocks, which are like shares in tech companies, had the potential to give big returns. This shows that even when times are uncertain, looking at opportunities in the tech world could be a way to make your money grow.

Online Education Platforms

In 2020, when schools closed because of the pandemic, a clever way to earn money was through online learning. Since more people had to study from home, the need for online classes increased a lot. People who made or invested in online learning websites and tools had a great chance to make money. These platforms gave resources for learning to those who had to get used to the new way of studying. Whether they were making online classes, creating study apps, or putting money into companies with learning technology, this opportunity not only let people earn money but also helped students during a tough time. The growth of online learning showed that schools could adapt, and there was a chance to succeed by offering solutions for new ways of studying.

Cryptocurrency Investments

In 2020, cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, became a big deal for smart investors. People who understood these digital currencies saw a chance to make a lot of money. As more and more people recognized that digital assets were for real, those who played it smart in the unpredictable crypto world earned a lot. Cryptocurrencies, which work without a central authority, got even more popular because people started trusting blockchain technology. Those who liked cryptocurrencies not only made good money but also helped show everyone that digital currencies could be a successful and profitable way to invest.

Remote Work Freelancing

In 2020, more people got the chance to work from anywhere as freelancers. Traditional jobs changed, and freelancers were needed in many different areas. Working from home became a big deal, and it let people share their skills with the world. Writers, graphic designers, programmers, and digital marketers were in high demand. Freelance platforms helped connect them to jobs all around the world. Because anyone could work from anywhere, freelancers could team up with clients from different countries. This not only gave freelancers a stable income but also created a global community of workers. The growth of freelancing in 2020 showed that people who have skills can do well in a world where jobs are changing fast.

Local Manufacturing and Production

In 2020, when the usual way goods were shipped around the world got messed up, people found a way to make money by focusing on local manufacturing. Entrepreneurs who started or put money into businesses making important things locally not only helped the economy grow but also earned a good amount of money. This shift meant that making things closer to home became super important. Whether it was starting a small factory or investing in local businesses, people who jumped into local manufacturing played a big part in making sure we still had the things we needed. This not only boosted the economy but also let individuals make money by being part of the solution to the global supply chain problems that happened in 2020.


Thinking back on 2020, it’s important to see the good things and chances that came our way. The tough times during the pandemic made us change and think differently about life. For Nigerians, there were many ways to succeed financially, like getting into the digital world or helping the community. Even though the pandemic was hard, people who accepted the change, tried new things and stayed strong found ways not just to get by but to do well money-wise. As we move through the changing times, let’s remember the lessons from 2020 and the chances we took in that special year.