5 Ways To Spice Up Your University Life

Are you among those who think getting into the university is a 4–5 year sentence to reading, studying, and shunning social activities? That is not the case! Those years can be used to build your social circle. “Those you call your friends today, your children will call them connections tomorrow” is a trending saying among the youth. It means that the social circle you keep at a young age will go a long way in determining how strong your social circle will be, but if, unfortunately, you do not have a social life, then your social circle might just be weak. Nepotism might be a social problem, but it will always be a thing because, as humans, we will always want to favor people that we know over people that we don’t know, especially when those people are close to us.

Apart from growing a social circle, it also helps to keep the mind and body healthy because “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Studying all through a semester or session can put a lot of stress on the brain, which can tend to be harmful to not only the social skills of the individual but also the cognitive skills of the individual. It greatly harms the student’s social skills because such a person will be seen around fewer times than is ideal and won’t interact with the average number of people. In essence, they might be considered ghosts. I will be shedding light on five ways one can make the most of their university life.

1. Have a clique.

A clique is a small exclusive group of individuals. So in context, have an exclusive group of unique friends and spend time together, develop inside jokes, tell each other crazy kinds of stuff, have fun, and study together. The perfect clique doesn’t exist so just have a group of friends that you can hang around with that will not only make you have a social life but also encourage you to study. They must know the importance of time management as there is time for everything.

2. Join a sports team.

Yes! Becoming a member of a sports team will greatly make your university life interesting and not only will it keep you active and fit, but it will also help to develop healthy social skills and also boost your confidence. A university is usually structured to accommodate almost all kinds of sports so many have a gym facility. You can either join the track athletes or the field athletes. Wherever your strength or heart lies, you’ll surely be welcomed there. Playing sports in the university is an avenue to represent your Uni at the local, state, and federal levels. It can get you noticed by top sports officials that can land you on a dream-like journey in the world of sports. It is definitely worth giving a try.

3. Develop and display your skills or talents.

There will surely be avenues to display your talents and sometimes you might even get to win awards or cash prizes for showcasing them. What you earn might not be enough to sustain you but the popularity that it brings is often satisfying. It goes a long way in building confidence and promoting oneself. It helps to build your social circle and make amazing people that you may not have met come into your life. You get to showcase your talents, especially the performable ones in school social programs like parties, Dinner parties, after-parties, birthday celebrations, and so many special occasions. Did I mention that you can get noticed by the top dawgs that are in the area of your skillset? Imagine if Ayra Starr didn’t develop and showcase her talents, Don Jazzy would never have noticed her.

4. Explore!

Boom! This one drops like a bomb! Reader’s discretion is advised. This is rated 18! Just kidding. By exploration, I mean, exploring opportunities, giving into uncertainties, and never be scared of taking chances. Taking chances won’t kill you but they’ll help you to grow. They will teach you new ideas and develop your mind to see things from a broader point of view. You will gain valuable experiences. You will be more equipped in life. Conquering fear will make you feel so fulfiled, you will dare to keep taking risks. More risks will birth more experience and with more experience, decisions begin to look less like risks to you. They start feeling natural.

5. Do not lose yourself.

It might be the most crucial information in this article that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, if not more, as studies have shown that placebos (fake medications that aim at tricking the mind into thinking the body has received a real medication that should cure the perceived illness or injury) have proven effective. That goes to show how much of an effect the mind has on the physical body. If your mind is in order, your body will find it easier to stay fit and it will help you have an awesome time in the university.

If you are an undergraduate, what have you been doing to keep your school life interesting? What do you think can be done to make school life more fun that isn’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comment section.