10 UNILAG student shared with us their breakfast experience (2024)

In burna’s words “last last na everybody go chop breakfast” except for the lucky few that have coconut head 😂
We asked 10 unilag students to share their breakup experience with us and some of these experiences are wild fr.

1) Zainab, 200 level, Mass communication

So, I met this guy in my street on my grandma’s birthday.He tried to get my attention but I was doing shakara you get.😂
Make we no lie the boy fine. And he looked rich. I just ignored him. Fast forward to a week later. I met him on my street again and he tried to talk to me again. I sha agreed to talk to him bad he asked for my number and we started texting.

Few days into our talking stage, he kept telling me how much he loved me and I was like ahn ahn naso them dey quick love person? If I be witch nko. I sha ignored him.
After a month of us talking, he asked me out and I told him I was going to think about it. He kept pestering me. I sha agreed due to the pressure.

We dated for 2 weeks and those 2 weeks were the worst 2 weeks of my life.😂
Naso so beg. He literally begged me for everything. Na me dey help am fill gas and everything. It was so bad to the extent that I was the one buying data for him.
I saw it as nothing because I was already in love with him

Fast forward to when he invited me to his house, he tried to sleep with me and I refused. That was how he broke up with me.

2) Naomi, 300 level, Mathematics Education


My own breakfast was  very simple sha. I caught him cheating and that was the end. He was my first boyfriend and my last. Because I haven’t dated anybody since then. Make them no go serve me another breakfast, I don’t think my heart can take it.

3) Amaka, 300 level, Mass communication

I met this cute guy in an event early last year, we started conversing and vibing,he was a final year student at that time and I on the other hand was a fresher. We became so close. We started talking more often and He confessed his feelings for me. One thing led to another and we started dating.

Everything was going fine till after a month in the relationship. I noticed we stopped having tangible conversations. His conversations are always sexual. His attitude changed completely. He started taking hours to reply my text, Whenever I asked him why, he will always come up with silly excuses, the most common one is “I slept off”. His “slept off” was getting too much cause every three hours into our conversation he will always “slept off”. I ignored his attitude cause I was blinded by love but I couldn’t take it anymore.
So on this fateful day, I told this guy that I wanted us have a conversation in person and talk about the relationship because the constant lack of attention is unhealthy for the relationship we are trying to build
We met at an open place. I spoke about the attitude change and It resulted into an heated argument. The next thing I heard was“ you are stressing me, even my main babe doesn’t stress me this much”
Guys I was stunned
I was shocked , I was choked
Nigga laughed and called me a block head (the insult he showered me will forever linger in my head 😂😂)
I got to realize that I was just a side chic all along  and this guy has a serious relationship
After the meeting sha , this Nigga ended things with me, telling me I don’t have the capacity of even being a side chic, that  he was just trying to manage me like that 😂
Then he proceeds to block me
Na so the relationship take end

4) Bright, English Education


Omo, she told me that she needed to focus on her spiritual life that I’m a distraction. Someone that I’ve been dating for over two years o.

5) Deborah, 300 level, Creative arts.

There was this boy I dated in 2020, Martins, he was my supervisor at work and was much older than me(28). This boy asked me out on the day of my job interview so I couldn’t help but say yes, along the line I fell in love or maybe I was just dumb. Resuming fully for the new job, I found out he had a thing with the previous waitress and she was still trying to get back with him and all. Stupid me should have taken that as a cue to remove myself but I didn’t. He was always trying to treat me like a child at work, while we’ve been shagging, I didn’t ever realise this part until I left him. It didn’t make sense to me at all. But the part that hurt the most is me sharing my 12000 naira salary into two and giving him half of it because he said he needed it urgently, only to find out he used it to get his ex a birthday gift. My HARD EARNED money😭. The worst part was this boy confidently told me I can’t leave him, cause he knew I was downbad foolishly in love. Anyways I took my shameful loss, quitted the job, blocked him everywhere and never looked back.

6) Tolu, 100 level, Library and information science

All I can say is, Don’t ever  try dating your coursemate because the see finish Ehn.
This guy was my Coursemate sha and I really liked him so when he asked me out I accepted. We actually ended the relationship on mutual agreement after dating for over 2 months but the actual heartbreak came when I started hearing different rumours about me in the class. This guy had to kiss and tell 😭. He told his guys all the things I told him in secret. Now I can’t even stand it because I have to see his stupid ugly face anytime I attend classes

7) Oreoluwa, 200 level, mass communication

I met Ebube on a bus on my way to school. We both had 1,000 Naira on us, and the conductor was upset because there was no change. He dropped us off, and we both decided to walk since my school and his work weren’t far apart. We spoke for a while and exchanged contacts. We had fun together and fell in love because we had a lot in common.But as time passed, he got promoted, and I was happy for him. He became busy, started replying late, and ignored my calls. Sometimes, he can go a week without messaging or replying to my texts.
Sadly, we drifted apart. I tried to fix things, but it didn’t work. In the end, we decided to break up because we wanted different things.I still remember the good times we had together, even though we went our separate ways. Later, I found out he was already in a relationship with another girl before we broke up, which explained his attitude. When I asked him about it, he said we weren’t on the same level anymore. Okunrin!!!!

8) Anthony, 400 level, Human kinetics and health Education


I met her during freshman orientation and fell in love. Let’s call it love at first sight. It all started sweet till our relationship faced external pressure from our parents and coach. She was a medical student, she felt the weight of her parent’s expectations to excel in her studies. And there was me, a talented athlete studying Human Kinetics, I faced pressure from my coach and family to focus solely on my sports career.The whole pressure made us have less time for each other. We both felt trapped under the weight of external pressures, unsure how to navigate our individual aspirations while maintaining our connection.
So, we both made the difficult decision to part ways, knowing it was the only way to relieve the burden of external expectations. I’m still single , this year makes it 3 years . I don’t think I can ever find someone like her again.

9) Gloria,200 level, Sociology

We met during Gadites meeting and I thought this guy would be a decent person. Someone with the fear of God. I was so wrong. This guy used my eye to see shege. Nobody told me before I carried my slippers and ran for my life. The  emotional abuse was too much. This guy was toxiccc and very misogynistic.

10) Divine, 400 level, Law

The werey broke up with me through text and proceeded to block me everywhere without any explanation. I believe that someone probably told him something bad about me. If that was the case, the fact that he didn’t bother to ask for my side of the story is enough information for me to get closure. But I don’t really know if that was what happened.
Well, Thank God it was a long distance relationship. But e still Dey pain me sha. Ope, 200 level, creative arts.
It’s my fault though, she was literally a whore and I thought I could change her. Around 5 months into the relationship she said she felt trapped and that I was not giving her space. When I tried to persuade her, she told me she found someone else. But deep down I know she just wanted freedom to do whatever she wants without anything on her conscience