The Different Types of People at the 2024 AMVCA

The AMVCA is also known as the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards. An awards event that takes place every year for Nigerian filmmakers, actors, and actresses. The internet has been buzzing with the activities that went down at the event and we are here for it! This award show took place on Saturday, the 11th of May, and this award is one that is well sought after in the Nigerian filmmaking industry. It recorded plenty of your fave and celebrities in attendance and most of them came in their best dresses. Here are the different types of people at the AMVCA.

1) The ones who came to serve look:

These ones came to kill it with their looks and also gun for the best-dressed award. These celebrities went all out for this award with multi-million naira dresses, their hair, make-up, and dresses giving ten over ten. I believe many celebrities fall under this category, they did not come to play this year.

2) The overdoers:

There’s a thin line between serving looks and overdoing it. These ones are the definition of doing too much. In a bid to pepper or surpass every other person at the show, they overdress or dress out of the theme. The clothes end up looking too busy or do not fit the actual theme of the event.

3) The flopped Dresses:

You know you can tell when someone is trying to look simple and classy but unfortunately, the stylist did not come correct and they end up looking too plain or boring. Yes, we have quite a few of them this time. You can tell they actually wanted to eat but they didn’t really cook that well.

4)  I cannot come and Kill Myself:

This category of people doesn’t really care like that, at least not for the best-dressed award. Especially the guys. Most of them looked like they just threw on their Sunday outfit and called it a day. These ones came for business to see whether they won their nominated category or not. The rest of the show does not really concern them

5) That TikTok Influencer

There’s always that TikTok influencer who you’d always wonder what they’re doing at the AMVCA’s every year. It’s either they came as someone’s plus one or part of the publicity team. I believe there were very few of them this year. One is led to wonder what changed.

6) The ones who did not win anything:

This thing can be very painful. After dressing to the nines and tees and spending millions on their looks, they end up not winning any awards. We wish them better luck next year.

Love and light ❤️.