Crypto-Like Results: Reactions As FUOYE Rolls Out First Semester Results

You think say na your secondary school be this?

The emotions running through every student that cares about their results in FUOYE right now are a blend of conflicting feelings. NOBODY is smiling! Even first-class students ate out of this breakfast. While some have seen their results and accepted their humbling fates, many are still wondering what FUOYE has in store for them concerning their results as theirs haven’t been released yet or they haven’t checked theirs.

The fear of hearing from fellow students complain of getting zeros in courses that were computer-based to the CGPA of first-class students dipping like cryptocurrency has people that are yet to check their results preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Does it get worse? Judge this: results with zeros in CBT courses cannot be corrected. Now imagine bursting your ass off to read for a CBT course and due to the computer’s issue, your answers didn’t get uploaded and zero was the score awarded to you. Oh no right? That’s the harsh reality many FUOYE students are facing but that’s a topic for another day.

 Some people are desperately praying to at the very least, not have a carryover. “God, I’m okay with E in X course. Anything! As long as it is not a carryover. God abeg,” is some people’s prayer points. Funny how the turn-up to chapel mid-week services seems to be more during this period. As some people are shocked by their underperforming results, some are in shock as to how their results exceeded their expectations. Some are getting ‘D’s in courses they were expecting ‘A’s and ‘A’ in courses they were expecting ‘C’s. Some results are just not meant to be possible. I mean, F in 80% of your courses? That’s got to be more than an issue with the school system but who am I to judge?