Every Nigerian student has developed one skill or the other in certain fields that they choose to, either to make money as a means of sustainment or to develop the experience required in that field as every employer these days is looking for someone with at least 3 years working experience, newly graduated or not.

And so if you are here for either reason stated above to know the best and highly demanded skills to learn as a student, you are in the right place!

1. Coding

In simple terms, coding is the brain behind all the mobile apps, computer software and websites you find all around the world of digital technology. From the Microsoft Word application software used in typing this article to the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp you use pretty much every day, everything was made possible through coding.

Every day, new apps are required to be built by various companies and private individuals as well. Websites are built daily for different businesses and the same goes for social media. As a Nigerian student, if you arm yourself with this skill and master it, being broke will begin to sound alien to you. What is a sapa? There is cool, legit money in coding! And even the name tech bro/sis is just so fancy and cool, I’m sure you want to feel among.

2. Digital Marketing

Marketing forms the core of every business success strategy. The aim is to get the business out there via different media, publicize it and get thousands to indulge. Ever since Facebook became quite global, the rate of digital marketing skyrocketed very much. People no longer need word of mouth anymore or even need to do promos on the streets. Marketing has gone digital and all the customers of any company can be sourced online without meeting anyone in person. That’s what digital marketing is all about; selling goods, services and products online.
It’s a hot selling skill in Nigeria where businesses are rising daily and it is bankable because you can earn a minimum salary of fifty to a hundred thousand Naira for entry-level. One of the most popular in the country of which I’m almost sure you must have heard about if you’re not living under a rock is Expertnaire.

3. Project Management

Project management is something vast in applications. It is one of the most lucrative and most sought-after skills in Nigeria and all over the whole.
The job of a project manager is to plan, carry out and oversee a certain project from start to finish and then hand it over to the client. You can acquire a degree in Project Management from a reputable pⁿ0ppp way you choose to go about it, it is a highly sort-for skill and you are sure to make good money from it.

4. Real Estate Brokerage

Housing is an important sector in every society and if you are into real estate, anybody that sees you should just bill you. You must be in money!
The sheer beauty of real estate jobs is that if you have this skill, you hardly earn anything less than 6 digits. This is because it is often an occasional work.
What then does the job or skill entail? Primarily, it involves buying and selling of properties for clients.

By properties, it could mean houses, lands, uncompleted buildings and many others. You are required to be the middleman between buyer and seller. If the deal is successful, you are paid a handsome commission of 5- 20%.
As a student, you can also be into the business of helping students secure accommodation in private hostels, serving as the middleman between the student and the landlord. There is a lot of money to be made in real estate.

5. Entrepreneurial skills

As a student, another skill you can have is entrepreneurial skills. This is quite common amongst students. You can sell just about anything as long as you find the right customers who truly need what you are selling. From clothes, shoes, bags, sandals, hair accessories, to food and the likes, you can make steady sales as a student if you have this skill.

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