Babe, you don’t need to feel down because you are broke. There is a great distinction between being broke and poor, although both mean lack of money, when you are broke you still have little or no money and moreso being broke is a temporary condition. Are you thinking of having fun despite your condition? Because this life is too short for one not to have fun, and money doesn’t negate your possibility of having fun. So, what are you still waiting for curled up in your bed thinking? Stand up, dress beautifully and bask in the beauty of life.

These places will elevate your spirit and liberate you from the shackle of brokenness. You don’t have to let brokenness weigh you down, come off it!


This is one of the places to visit without spending a dime. Here, all you need to do is to check out books and select your choice. You might think or be a person that does not love to read like some persons do say” I don’t love reading”, you don’t need to love reading, but the knowledge acquired from reading is the most important. If you are not the reading type, just choose randomly then bury your head in it. For those that love reading, this is pure bliss, I know you can relate.


To improve your photography skills, walk around the secret nooks and crannies of your neighbourhood as a way to be a day-tripper in your locale. Take pictures of something unusual, something abandoned and something unique. Click here for some basic and useful tips to improve your Mobiography skills. Brokenness is helping you here in a good way.


You don’t have to spend here at all, all you need to do is to visit a museum and view historical exhibitions. It’s fun to see history itself instead of hearing it. Doing this will expose you to some certain knowledge about the history of people or places that you haven’t heard of. It’s good to learn new things every day because learning never ends.


Not all zoos take admission fees daily, there are times that zoos relinquish admission fees. All you need is to be updated on when and go during this time if it also falls to the time that you are broke. Everything is turning around for good, isn’t it?


Whao! This is for the sporty types, also non-sporty types can opt-in if they can play along. Go have some fun in the stadium. Not all stadiums take entrance fees. Go there take a seat at a place where there won’t be obstructions and mingle. Going to the stadium to watch sports can automatically and luckily bring you to another great level towards closing the doors of brokenness forever. You might be lucky to meet a hot, rich and loving guy that can buy you snacks, keep you company and forever solve your brokenness condition. Boohoo! You see that brokenness can be helpful at times.

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Where else can you go to have fun?