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5 Reasons to Embrace Situationships at UI

Everybody may be catching the love bug all around you but I want to show you a more excellent way. Who says you need all

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5 Signs You Are About to Be Broke As A UI Student

Greatest gbo gbo! Sapa is real o. I’m sure you don’t need anybody to convince you. I’m sure you’ve had several experiences with Sapa. But

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10 Different Types Of Guys At UI

University for several folks is awful to experience, whereas, for some, it is the paramount experience. In institutions of higher education, we meet diverse people,

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7 Nigerian Uni Students Share Their Worst Sapa Moments

Almost every Nigerian student schooling in a Nigerian University experience a shortage of cash flow at one point or the other during their stay in

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It’s no news that the prices of things are increasing at an alarming rate these days. Fret no more, I’m here with some tips on

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5 Reasons To Be Grateful You Were Born A Nigerian

It’s just March but we all know this year has shown most Nigerians shege already. From the consistent hike in prices of perpetually everything to


Ibadan People Are The Weirdest Citizens And I Can Explain

There’s no doubt, Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa. They have the widest range of people just like their land. Apart from the

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Ways To Prove You Grew Up In A Nigerian Home

Growing up in a Nigerian home is sure fun. From greeting to cooking and other activities, we enjoyed ourselves. Here are some of the ways



Babe, you don’t need to feel down because you are broke. There is a great distinction between being broke and poor, although both mean lack

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Shocking Times DJ YK Released M*d Beats

When you hear “DJ Yk mule” you know it’s about to go down. The only DJ tag that makes everyone carry their feets, it can