FUOYE, being one of the many universities that have multiple campuses to accommodate different faculties has one at Oye which holds faculties like Arts, Social sciences and sciences, Law, Management science, Pharmacy and Education which are known to attract ladies while the campus at Ikole hosts the Engineering, environmental and Agriculture faculties that isn’t very popular amongst the female gender even though it’s the 21st century and talks of equality have very much exceeded the level of just ‘talks’.

Anyway, this piece is meant to give you information about the departments with the most beautiful girls in FUOYE so here we go!

1. Law

Guy! Have you met Law girls? These ones look like they are on a mission to go and argue with judge with their facial and physical attributes. You see that their corporate attire that we always find them in? Most of them have invented fashionable ways to spice up the already admirable look.

2. English and literary studies:

No wonder our English teachers looked like students in secondary school. These princesses are out of a Disney movie or something. Whatttt? You get the urge to meet them with catch phrases like “hi Cinderella, I’m prince with APC here to sweep you off your feet.” Lol. Don’t try that though. You get the point though.

3. Food Science Technology:

Yo! No way these girls are real. Me and my guys saw one fully covered Muslim babe one time and almost lost our way trying to keep looking at her beautiful face. It’s that mad. They have the wildest and prettiest girls and are inarguably the pride of Ikole campus when it comes to girls.

4. Hospitality and tourism

Also representing Ikole campus, this babes are usually found in white shirts and black skirts but trust girls to always spice things up when you don’t give them much to work with. They are the law version for Ikole.

5. Linguistics

Fine women with a basinful of extremely feminine voice tone. These women will have you under the spell of their beauty and voice in seconds. They don’t even need to have a hold on your mumu button to get you to do what they want.

6. Theatre and Media Arts

This department is pretty much full of vixens. Hollywood standard for pretty can be found here. You’re never running out of content if you have a female friend in this department and you run a beauty brand.

7. Nursing

Forget about mercilessly wicked nurses you’ve come across in this life first. Now, look back on their beauty. Haeww right? You pretty much noticed it but chose to stick to the how the injection they administered to you when you were five made you feel. Yes, those typa beautiful faces full this side too.

8. Business administration:

There are fine babes and then there are rich fine babes. If your business admin female friend doesn’t run a business, then there might be something wrong somewhere. Regardless, these babes fine scatter scatter. Beauty with brains plenty and na here dem dey do meeting. Source: I no fit bobo you.

9. Mass communication

You don’t pass by a female mass communication student without stealing another glance. It’s an unwritten rule. Those kind of ‘dem no dey tell person’ rule. Them just fine scatter for inside here but their talk dey plenty sha. Fun babes to hang around for sure.

10. Sociology

You dey find fine babes way no dey snub? Present. Fine babes way like to dey have fun? Present. Babe way dey outside pass sun? Present! They are not just social by course. These ones took their personalities into consideration before choosing their department.

Do you agree with our ranking? If you don’t, tell us yours in the comment section.