5 Signs A UI Student Is In Love

Na book dem kuku send us to read for school, but something must kill a man. God forbid death, but something must definitely bring a man (or woman) to his (her) knees. It’s the love matter, my people.

Greatest gbo gbo! We know ourselves na. What are those sure signs that a Uite is already falling in love?

Well, here are five signs a Uite is falling in love. Let’s see the ones you’re guilty of!

1. He/she faithfully attends Idia 101 or Queens 101

If you don’t know Idia or Queens 101, then you’re obviously not a Uite. No, seriously. How will you not know Idia 101?

Every night, boys and girls meet in front of the Idia hall for a late night rendezvous… As if they didn’t see each other all day. The things we do for love, right? Right!

The moment your roommate that used to be in bed as early as 6 or 7 pm starts saying, “I need to get something outside”, don’t bother arguing. You and I know what’s up. They are already ‘talking’ to her.

2. He/she regularly occupies a “nest” in Love garden

You know Love garden? Just opposite Kenneth Mellanby hall and close to Tedder hall. Many people often make use of the seating areas there to hang out with friends, and the lovebirds are not out of this. Another way to know that a Uite is in love is when he or she starts paying regular visits to Love garden, especially to see the same person!

3. If he/she is a bookworm, they offer to take them in private lessons for a difficult course

And can you blame them? It is what you have you will sha bring to the table. If it’s money, bring it. Use it to woo her. If it’s beauty or brains, bring it too! A Uite who is falling in love with someone either in their department or faculty is always willing to help them in any course they might find difficult. They do this because they don’t like the thought of the other person failing when they could help them not to. And they also do it because they get to spend more time together when they study together. A very wise comrade.

4. He walks her off to her hostel after night classes

He just wants to spend as much time as he can with her. So even though he probably saw her all day and they probably attended classes together all day too, he still wants more time with her. So he walks her off after their night classes. He wants to get to know her better that’s why he spends so much time with her. Baba dey prep her for when he will pop the ultimate question.

5. They lurk around indomie stand for night shenanigans

If you’re wondering where indomie stand is, it’s located close to the Independence hall. And yes, they sell indomie there, but my dear, other things go down there o. It’s a popular hangout for lovers to express their love for each other in words and in deeds. Especially at that old building behind, directly opposite the second gate of Idia hall.

If as a Uite you find yourself already neck-deep in any of these activities, then you obviously have a love interest. You don’t have to tell us. But you can share this post with them. It would be a rather romantic way of telling them “I love you”, don’t you think?