5 Signs You Are About to Be Broke As A UI Student

Greatest gbo gbo!

Sapa is real o. I’m sure you don’t need anybody to convince you. I’m sure you’ve had several experiences with Sapa. But what many of you don’t know is that Sapa doesn’t just sneak up on you. Oh no, it doesn’t. Sapa will give you many signs and symbols to let you know that you are about to entertain him.


Here are five signs you’re about to be broke!

1. The people sugaring you have aired you

Whether it’s your sugar daddy that is sugaring you or your daddy daddy (as in your mother’s husband, and your siblings’ father, if you have) the moment they air you or they are not moved by whatever money constraints you may be going through, just know that it’s about to hit you hard… real hard. If you cannot beg them and wail too, then you must be able to hustle. So start grinding now before Sapa finds you and grinds you to fine powder.

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2. You are feeling “If I perish, I perish” vibes

Ah! You wey no fine before, you just wan worsen your situation? Or you don’t know that’s what will happen to you with this your bad bish behavior? If you perish, you perish?? In your mouth? You too? Omo, you go suffer o! You fit perish true true o!

3. Exams are around the corner

Low-key, many forces that I am not at liberty to disclose to you are against your academic excellence in this school. And during exam period, they usually join forces with Sapa! How you wan take read on empty stomach? Some of you even need extra ginger to read from exam package, but no be person get money dey get exam package? Just dead the idea. If it’s exam o’clock, it’s Sapa o’clock too.

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4. You suddenly develop a craving for the soft life

If you find out that you suddenly develop a sweet tooth and you are irresistible to them, Sapa is already in your neighborhood. You wey fit trek from Awo to Gate on a norms, you’re na carrying drop from Gate to Queens? Suffer is already craving you o. Sapa is already in your neighborhood and it’s just a matter of time before he finds you.


5. You don’t have a spending budget

First week after they send allowance, you’ve spent 50 percent, and you think you can dodge Sapa? Except you have a zaddy that is sugaring you, just start lamenting in advance now while you still have the remaining 50 percent. Because by the time Sapa should really handle you, you might not even have the mouth to talk about it.

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I’ve done my part o. I have shown you five signs that Sapa is in your neighborhood. What you do with this information is left to you. I hope you use it wisely sha. Or at least share it to a friend who will.