7 Ways To Avoid Getting Expelled After Your First Year At UNILORIN

There is no way you won’t get the thrills when your admission status moved up from a Unilorin aspirant to fresher! 

The social mingling, the freedom, and the new environment of the better by far institution will give you that excitement.

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However, like any other higher institution, unilorin has its academic standards. In the bid to produce well-learned students in their field of study, unilorin set there must meet up grade point average to 1.5 for freshers after their first academic year. 

Yes, you could go home after your freshman year in Unilorin. The term for this ever true but unfortunate reality, Face tanke metaphorically means expulsion.

Scary, huh?

Well, don’t fret. I’d share with you simple ways to avoid getting expelled after your first academic year. If you are a Unilorin aspirant or fresher, keep your eyes open and read on:  

1. Know your priorities

Is it the school social life carrying you away, or the unilorin cloud? Maybe you don’t know your priorities are nothing but distractions. Would you rather involve yourself in other things, relationships, partying, high social life, or more than your academics? Think again! Sure, unilorin offers you a mingling environment if you know how to use it, there are opportunities and distractions no less than the other. 

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But above other things that you might set your mind to achieve, in school, your study comes first. You might want to make the school environment a breaking ground for your business start-up, or you just have other activities that get you less engaged with your academics. Consider saving it for after your first year, you don’t want to tell stories that touch the heart later. 

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2. Meet Staylites

Those that were once in your shoes and survived the expulsion stage of my “alma matter” are known as staylites. You’d come across many of them singing to you the reality of Face tanke their testimonies and stories of their days as freshman year.

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You might want to pick one or two things from them and not repeat their mistakes or better still take their advice to make your own experience a better one. 

3. Attend classes 

If you want to get the tricks of making good grades on a proper throughout the semesters, you shouldn’t miss your lectures. Every lecturer has their way of lecturing, with different attitudes toward the students. Some do let out hints that will help their students before a test or exam, don’t miss out! In class, you’d get to comprehend more, it’ll help your difficult part in the course thus helping you better for your exams.

Moreover, some lecturers are not so full of warmth they get mean when you don’t attend their class. Attendance might be taken, though not very common in the first year as most lectures are virtual(which you should attend too). A lecturer was awarded a D grade In his course for hundreds of students for not attending his class, he doesn’t come to class on a regular, so the students took advantage of this to be somewhere else. That landed them in big trouble, you should avoid that. 

4. Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials!!!

There are several tutorials for almost every course freshers offer in their first year, these tutorials provide an avenue for students that hardly go to lectures or those that find it hard to keep up with lectures to catch up. 

It’s going to be your choice, but there are private tutorials on and off-campus. You should know you will get money involved. Just in case you can’t afford to pay for tutorials, there are tutorials organized mostly by popular scholars and well-doing students in similar fields. So look out for tutorial broadcasts across the campus. 

5. Seek help

After the first semester, you realize you are not meeting up with the required grade point then it’s time to buckle up. If you can’t do it alone, that’s when you should seek help. It might either be from a friend or coursemates who can put you through your course. 

Don’t wait till the second semester is over before it dawns on you. And don’t worry about your ego, it’s nothing compared to the feeling of failure. Don’t be big girls and guys for nothing, your status more befitting.

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6. Know your course requirements

There are other courses in unilorin that requires more than the usual minimum of 1.5 GP to cross to the next session and become a staylite 

Although, you might not face expulsion as long as you make the minimum of 1.5 maybe you won’t find yourself studying the same course you were given. To prevent that, know your course requirements so you can know how much effort you are going to put to scale through. 

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7. Know your past questions 

You should know this, after following all the above in your manner. Eventually, you’d need to study past questions for your exams. Don’t get me wrong, you will only find the past questions very useful if you read, that is the most effective. 

The past questions are like a guide or the aid you’d need to boost your performance in any exams or test. So know the genuine ones, you’d know them if you have the right people on your list. Note that, not all course follows the repeating pattern of past questions, and not all past questions are for your course. 

Past questions or not, don’t relent or Unilorin will shock you. 

Read, read, and read. Then use those tips for a better understanding of ways to boost your chance of making it to the next level of your academic pursuit. 

Now, go make mummy and daddy proud !