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Ranking Our 5 Universities (UI, OAU, UNILAG, UNILORIN and FUOYE) Based On Their Library Capacities

When we talk about federal universities in Nigeria with the best libraries, there are many things to consider. Some factors such as the beauty and

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What Happens When You Fight With Your Department Lover

Dating a student in your department can be sweet, that fine senior everyone loves or that your breathtaking coursemate can be so ‘awwwn‘ worthy. Those


7 Ways To Avoid Getting Expelled After Your First Year At UNILORIN

There is no way you won’t get the thrills when your admission status moved up from a Unilorin aspirant to fresher!  The social mingling, the


5 Tips to Honing Your Long Distance Relationship

Many things are bearing the brunt of ASUU’s ongoing strike and it is not just the average Nigerian university student’s mental health. Neither is it

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How To Continue Your Rent From Where You Stopped After The Strike

When ASUU and the federal government finally reaches an agreement, and the strike Is called off, there are two group of people that’ll also have


11 Things You Would Relate To If You Live In Unilorin School Hostel

The unilorin school hostel is always filled with different students every session, especially with the system of bed space allocation. Most freshers are those that


10 Greatest Events Of All Times At Unilorin

As stressful as being a student of Unilorin might be, there are memorable events that you don’t want to miss out on campus. This events


Top 10 Most Influential Alumni Of Unilorin

You probably might have missed it, those prominent figures you see on TVs, and those holding a successful public figure in Nigeria attended the “better


Top Popular Slangs Used In Unilorin

Students have their way of communicating among themselves, their language, and how they use it. In unilorin, these languages are birthed by events and circumstances


How To Know A Unilorin Student Is In Love

Young love roaming in Unilorin is the sight that is so hard to miss. While you might not see much during the day, wait till