Top 7 Most Beautiful Lecture Theatres At UNILAG

One thing that stands the University of Lagos out as one of Nigeria’s finest apart from its slogan (the University of first choice) is the fact that it is located at the heart of the commercial and entertainment capital of the country.

As a result of this, there is a lot that students expect to see whenever they first visit the school. Although Unilag is not the biggest or most beautiful University in Nigeria, it houses a number of the finest lecture theatres you can find in Nigerian Universities.

Here, the best seven will be highlighted in no particular order.

There are other beautiful lecture theatres but these seven stands out.

The top 7 include:

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Nurudeen Alao Auditorium (DLI) UNILAG.


Nurudeen Alao Hall is located at the Distance Learning Institute (DLI). It is not so popular among Akokites because not many classes are held there, but the setting is contemporary. The listening is both natural and artificial, but the temperature inside the hall is more comfortable than that of any other lecture hall in Unilag. I recall spending a few extra minutes in the hall after my exams just to enjoy the cool.

The hall is mostly used for seminars, symposiums and exclusive lectures.

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The Julius Berger Hall is by no doubt one of Unilag’s finest lecture theatres. It is located in the faculty of engineers, right behind the department of chemical engineering. As the name suggests, the building was donated by Julius Berger and was completed around 2018.

The structure consists of a nice spacious lecture hall, restrooms, and a basement where some students go for privacy. Julius Berger Hall is indeed one of Unilag’s finest and is definitely under good maintenance from the outlook of it.

The lecture theatre is mostly used by faculty of engineering students for lectures and engineering programs.

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Environmental science is located right opposite the Jelili Omotola hall, otherwise called Unilag Multi-purpose Hall. It’s about a 100meter distance from the school’s main gate. Inside the faculty of Environmental science, we have departments like Building, Estate Management, Urban and Regional Planning, and so on. With these names, you can already tell that structure of the Environmental science Lecture theatre would be a perfect work of art.

This Lecture theatre is probably the largest hall located within a faculty. The hall is very big and although the chairs are arranged quite closely, it still has one of the best lecture theatre setups in Unilag.

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The Tayo Aderinoku lecture theatre is located at Otunba Payne road, opposite the Unilag Guest house.

This hall is mostly used by the faculty of Management Science. This attractive structure is modern and artistic, one can hardly be in the area without noticing it. It is spacious and conducive for lectures, seminars and any kind of academic function.

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The Faculty of Sciences is popular for having the highest number of Lecture Theaters, usually called “LT”. The term is easily used by Science students because they take one or two classes there almost daily.

The LTs are not exactly modern structures, but it’d be wrong to talk about Lecture theatres in Unilag without mentioning them.

There are about 6 Science lecture theatres (SLT) and all of them are lined in one part of the faculty. They all looked the same to me although some of them are not always open, especially during overnight reading so I guess some are more used than others.



There are about 4 large capacity Lecture halls in the faculty of law, but none of them surpasses the Law Annexe in terms of beauty and capacity. This Lecture hall is located at Zenith bank drive, behind the faculty of arts building. I’m not sure how long the building has been there but I know for a fact that it is clean, conducive and beautiful.

It is not news that the Faculty of Law is a major source of pride for the University of Lagos because of the quality and achievements of its alumni. To this end, one can easily suggest that the faculty of law will have the flavour of class beauty in its facilities. So yeah, Law Annexe is indeed a beauty.



I was almost going to end this article without mentioning this Lecture theatre because it is quite similar to JB Hall.

The New Engineering Lecture Theater is seated right beside the Julius Berger Hall like a twin building. It is similar in structure and right now, althoughh I’ve not been inside any, I can hardly identify any difference.

Although the New Engineering Lecture Theater appeared to be under some form of renovation the last time I was there, it is however by no doubt one of the most beautiful in Unilag; Probably will be the finest upon its conclusion.

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The above-listed lecture theaters are some of Unilag’s finest so be sure to visit every one of them the next time you come around. While some Universities struggle with little or no large lecture theatres, the University of Lagos has them in numbers still counting.

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