5 Ways to Make Your PVC Registration Easier

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has extended the deadline for Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) by 60 days from the initial deadline, which was supposed to be the 30th of June, 2022. This is to help Nigerians who have been unable to get registered for the PVC to do that in time.

Whether you’ve been to the registration centres severally and still haven’t gotten it done, or you’re just about to begin this process, here are five (5) tips to help make your PVC registration easier.

1. Ask others who have done it

Nigerians always have adulterated news about the most important things, it can be so frustrating. So before you even step out of your house, try to get accurate information from those who have done theirs. If you’re applying for a new one or getting a transfer done, you’ll need different information so be sure to get that straightened out first.

2. Eat before you leave home

My dear, you’re going to get something of such importance as PVC registration done and you leave your house on an empty stomach? How dare you? 😂

Just find out first that there’s a woman selling peak milk close to where you’re getting the registration done sha. I’m very sure they’ll need to get two tins of peak milk for you by the time you’ve waited under the sun for more than 6 haarrrsss and then start feeling dizzy.

3. Get there very early

This goes without saying, but I will still say it anyway. Get to the registration centres very early. They don’t start until the sun is out a bit in the morning, but please get there before they do. It’s for your good.

4. Go with friends and/or family members

To keep your company, go with a friend or family member who also needs to get their PVC registration done. Chances are you’ll be quite stressed and frustrated, but the company of these people will make it worthwhile.

5. Make friends with the officers

You might keep having to return to the registration centres every other day if you don’t know the right people to talk to o. So don’t be a stranger. Meet with people and get talking with them, including the officers at the registration centres.

One day, you just might be narrating your ordeal to one of them and he/she will decide to help you out.

Finally, in moments of great despair and anger, remember why you need the PVC in the first place- I hope you’re not getting it for another official purpose o, don’t goan spoil my motivational speech.
As I was saying, remember why you’re getting the voter’s card– to exercise your voting right, and to participate in making the decision that will affect Nigeria‘s future, positively we pray.

So don’t give up, don’t lose faith. The deadline has been extended, and I pray you get it done soon in preparation for the coming elections.