Your Hostel At UI And What It Says About You

You might find it hard to believe this but whether you like it or not, the hall of residence you were allocated at the University of Ibadan somehow affects how people see you.

So today, we’ll be talking about how people view students from different halls of residence in the school.

1. Nnamdi Azikwe Hall

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It’s no news that Zik hall is filled with bullies of different shapes and sizes. Not like I’m badmouthing them but it’s very obvious.

In the last SU week, they prepared a coffin on the day of their match against Kuti hall. Moreso, they’re popularly known for Aroism. Yet, I have a great fondness for Zik students. No be only for mouth, the Zikism spirit motivates them to do great things in football, politics, academics, and other aspects. You’d be surprised at how spiritual Zikites are.

2. Independence Hall

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Like Zik hall, Indy is full of students who value Aro more than their academics yet they have so much to offer in terms of party vibes. So far, the best gyration I’ve attended at the University of Ibadan was at the Independence. From the sound to the stage lighting and the master of ceremony, everything was top-notch. They also deserve accolades for their special beans recipe which can make hundreds of mouth water.

3. Kuti Hall

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No Uite would be surprised that Kuti hall is that hall that both female students and male students from other halls do not have access to, unlike other male halls because of their strict rules. So, Kuti students are generally referred to as “Omo mummy”, “Omo butter” or “Kuti Ladies”. But as much as they appear innocent, they’re party rockers. If you’re the partying type, you can’t afford to miss any event at Kuti.

4. Mellanby Hall

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It’s always fun to hang out with Mellanbites on a normal day but they’re not so great at offence. However, they’re good at playing volleyball and basket. Mellanbites don’t do Aro as much as other male hostels so they’re fun to be around.

5. Tedder Hall

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We can all agree that their name sulks  What on earth is Tedderites? Sounds like Tedder rats to me. Nevertheless, Tedderites are the kings of debate. With my own eyes, I’ve seen how vibrant they are at explaining vital points of debate topics. 

6. Obafemi Awolowo Hall

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The Obafemi Awolowo Hall is a hall that commands respect among other female halls in UI. Haters can keep referring to Awo girls as “Yam legs” but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re active in sports, debates, and academics. Awo is the home of intellectual women committed to making a useful impact in society.

7. Queen Idia Hall

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The front of Queen Idia hall is a popular spot for guys looking for girls to date to hang out during the nighttime. Queen Idia hall is filled with beautiful students and intellectuals. They are the bridge between Awo Hall girls and Queens Hall girls. They’re good at sports and debates.

8. Queen Elizabeth Hall

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The students of Queen Elizabeth Hall are popularly referred to as “Omo butter”. This isn’t surprising since some of them still take cabs to the gate even though it’s not very far from their hall…lol. Queen Elizabeth Hall is filled with beautiful and classy women from different walks of life.

9. Bello Hall

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Bellites are jokingly referred to as “mallams”, “Hausa, or kano boys” but their hall is known as the hall of public speaking as it has produced the greatest, biggest, and several award-winning public speakers who keep defeating other halls at Public speaking events such as Jaw war, Superbowl and others.

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If you have any other information to give about the attitude or lifestyle of students from these halls of residence, don’t forget to share it with us in the comment session.

Also, we’d love to know your hall of residence. If you’re not ashamed of your hall, the comment session is open for you to rep your hall