Top 10 Business-Themed Korean Movies You Should See If You are an Entrepreneur or An Aspiring One.

If you have always thought that K-Drama is only focused on love affairs and relationships, then you are not a real fan. It is undeniable that K-Drama can make you feel many feelings and has too many messages across all aspects of life to pass. 

If you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring one and you are a lover of Korean Drama, why not try to see these ten movies to gain more insight into the world of business?

10. Start-up

Start-up is a fictional story of Sandbox, a Silicon Valley in South Korea. This series is fiction about people and their journey in startup companies. It revolves around an ambitious woman, Dal-mi, who is passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. Although she doesn’t have a wealthy background, she has a great and bright passion for her work.

Along the process, she found herself in a love triangle between a man who was deluded to be her first love and a man who she secretly loved at first. Her secret first love, Nam Do-Sam, is a mathematics expert. He runs Samson Tech, but somehow along the line, his company isn’t growing well. Somehow, he got in contact with Dal-mi, revealing her affection. They help each other in their start-up and help the company to grow.

This drama is a story of Young aspiring entrepreneurs that strive to bring their dream into reality. It reflects the importance of hard work, leadership, unselfish love, and teamwork in starting a business.

9. Money Game

 “Money Game” is a South Korean Drama produced in 2019. It was directed by Han Jae-Rim and written by Jin-Soo  Han Jae-Rim.

One factor that makes this movie outstanding is how it analyses Marko’s Finances in a country and predicts how it can escape from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) Outbreak. 

This series provides a crucial exhibition for business owners to enhance their ability to predict their country’s economy.

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8. Record of Youth

“Record of Youthwas produced in 2020. It centres on how a relationship is hindered by the business and career that each person runs.

It revolves around three individuals with different social classes and personalities striving to make their respective career dreams come true despite all obstacles.

Sa Hye-Jun is an attractive, intelligent, and well-known Model. Although he had the dream of becoming a well-known actor, he couldn’t get any cast after trying to act several times. To make ends meet, he took up a modelling career through the influence of his best friend, Hae-Hyo. Hae-Hyo got the flame in their acting and modelling careers

Ahn- Jeong-ha quit her job in the corporate sector to become an expert Makeup artist. She admired Sa Hye-jun, but she couldn’t allow the feeling to be obvious to him.

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7. The Best Chicken

“The Best Chicken” was produced in 2019. Park Choi-go strives to give life to the business of his dreams. While working with a company, he is desperate to possess a fried chicken restaurant to his name. He later quit his job to pursue the business of his passion. He met with a loner woman, Bo-A, who lived in her grandfather’s hostel and didn’t like to socialize at all. She yearns to be a cartoonist. 

The one major message of this series is that you need to be qualified with everything that is required to work out a business before starting it at all. 

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6. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

“Hometown Cha Cha Cha” was produced in 2004. One important message from the drama is that everything is not all about money and gain. This is seen in the character of Hye-jin, who left her successful practice to in Seoul to seek more wealth at all costs in Gongjin, but she encounters a series of unfavorable event path the path. 

Another significant message from the series is that running a business isn’t as fascinating as it sounds. Hye-jin, in the early days of her clinic business, couldn’t get any patients to book. She felt frustrated, and instead of giving up, she went out to get familiar with the people around her and earn their trust. 

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5. What is Wrong With Secretary Kim

“What is Wrong With Secretary Kim” was produced in 2018 and portrayed the interrelationships between business relationships and romance. It also tells how those two are mixed and susceptible to uneven connections.

It revolves around the relationship between a secretary, Secretary Kim, and her boss. Due to some circumstances, Secretary Kim wants to quit her job. However, her boss is willing to do anything to have her back.

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4. Crash Landing On You

“Crash Landing On You”  talks about a family business.  It revolves around a beautiful young lady, Yoon Se-ri, who struggles with the pressure to take over a family company. She created her path in a Fashion and Beauty company. 

Yoon Se-ri is passionate about bringing her dream business alive, and with her commitment, she made it come true.

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3. Business Proposal

“Business Proposal”  is one of the interesting business-themed Korean series

It is always said that you can’t mix business and love, but it is risky if one is allowed to affect others. 

Shin Ha-ri agrees to go on a blind date in place of her friend but discovers that her date is her workaholic boss, whose family has pressured her to get married. 

You need to find out the mind-blowing series of events that follows. All work but no play won’t make a dull person again, and it would make you wealthy but single for life.

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2. Itaewon Class

“Itaewon Class” is a must for you to see if you are very passionate about the growth of your existing or business idea. This series was produced in 2020. 

It provides a good picture of why getting the right person beside you can lead to the growth of your business. 

This movie centred on an ex-con, Park Saeroyi, and his friend Jang Geun-won fighting to bring their dream of the bar into reality. Park Saeroyi, despite being convicted, faces many obstacles while trying to set up his business, ranging from his father’s death to his low-income family. However, with an optimistic individual by his side and determination, he overcame all obstacles.

No matter your background, shortcomings, or flaws, you can obtain success when you truly work hard for it. This Drama exposes the reward for hard work, Optimistic, and Resilience. 

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1. Coffee Prince

It is sad that so many people don’t like their job. Most people pick up a job to avoid suffering and poverty or family pressure. 

Han-gyeol, a smart young man, detests being tied down to one career. He has no passion for engaging in the family business. However, it is hard for them to say No to his grandmother, who wants him to take up the running of the cafe business. Instead of saying No, he takes a reluctant part in running the bus. 

He meets with a cheerful girl who has an uncertain personality, Eun-Chan.  Eun-Chan gives him the true meaning of love and gives him a lesson he can never forget.

Sometimes, all we need is just a little push to lead us in the right direction. This K-Drama emphasises the significance of taking responsibility and hard work.

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These Kdrama series are sure to get you started and inspire you to do better as an entrepreneur. They will give you all the hope and inspiration you need to get over your start up fear.

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