Top 10 Fantasy Korean Dramas To Watch While We Wait For “Alchemy Of Souls” Season 2

Kdrama is no doubt a world full of fictional narrations with a lot of dramatic events taking place, which presents the dramas in a much more amusing and entertaining way. All the same, some Kdramas are totally out of this universe, going deep into the realm of fantasy and the impossible, from mermaids, ghosts, gods, gumihos, immortals and much more.

If you enjoy the supernatural and you were head deep in “Alchemy of Souls”, here are the top 10 fantasy Korean dramas that are highly recommended and ageless. So wild you wait for “Alchemy of Souls” season 2, you can get busy with these:


Mr Queen is a 20-episode historical romantic comedy Korean drama released in 2021 starring Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-Hyun. This drama is about a free-spirited modern-day chef who works at the Blue House and then gets trapped in the body of Queen Cheorin, a queen in the Joseon era, after jumping from a high-storey building and hitting his head on the floor of a swimming pool while escaping from the cops.

There is also the King, King Cheoljong, but he’s only a king by name. The true power belongs to Queen Sunwon, the late King Sunjo’s wife, who only sees King Cheoljong as a puppet. Queen Cheorin, who has the soul of the modern-day chef in her body, gets suspicious about King Cheoljong and notices that the King is not what he portrays himself to be.


Hotel del Luna is a romantic dark fantasy movie with 16 episodes starring Lee Ji-Eun (UI) and Yeo Jin-goo. It was released in the year 2019. Hotel del Luna is a gateway hotel between the real world and the afterlife, formerly known as “Guest House of the Moon”. This hotel can’t be seen in its real form during the day, and its workers and guests are all ghosts except the general manager, who is human because the hotel still needs to interact with the actual world in issues like paying bills. Humans can only see the true form of the building under extraordinary circumstances

The owner of Hotel Del Luna is Man-wol, who committed a huge sin some millennium years ago. Due to this, the hotel business to the dead has been chained to her soul. Through the manipulation of the deity, Mago, Man-wol meets the father of Gu Chan, and the two struck a deal – Gu Chan will work for Man-wol 20 years later in exchange for Gu Chan father’s life. In the hope of saving his son, Gu Chan’s father took him abroad. Gu Chan returned to South Korea after 21 years to work for a multinational hotel corporation as an assistant manager. Still, as fate would have it, he met Man-wol, and he ended up fulfilling his father’s agreement and became Hotel Del Luna’s manager. The mysteries of the hotel were disclosed through Gu Chan.

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Mystic pop-up bar is a 2020 supernatural mystery drama with 12 episodes starring Hwang Jung-eum, Yook Sung-Jae and Choi Won-young.

This movie tells the story of a guiltless young man, Han Kang Bae, who has a special ability and works part-time in a centuries-old bar owned by an ill-tempered woman, Weol-Ju, who puts an end to her customer’s emotional problems by entering their dreams. Han Kang and Weol-Ju work together with Chief Gwi, a former afterlife detective. Mystic pop-up bar harnesses a lot of important content around life and death, along with the aftermath of our actions. When it comes to humour and tension, the drama hits all the right notes.


The Legend of the Blue Sea is a 2016 romance comedy drama with 20 episodes. The drama concentrates on fate, rebirth and unrequited love. Starring the drama are Jun Ji-Hyun and Lee Min-ho. The Legend of the Blue Sea is undoubtedly one of the best movies involving mermaids.

The drama focuses on the love story of a mermaid, Shim Cheong and a con artist, Heo Joon-Jae. The drama also tells the parallel story of their incarnations, Se-Hwa, the mermaid and Kim Dam-ryeong, the town head.

Shim Cheong and Heo Joon-Jae’s story began with meeting each other, remembering their past lives to having encounters with people from their past lives, which led them to the question – Will fate be repeated? The Legend of the Blue Sea is very intriguing, and it has a good amount of humour with bubbling romance.

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The Uncanny Counter is a thriller mystery movie with 16 episodes released in 2020 starring Jo Byung-Gyu, Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Se-Jeong and Yeom Hye-ran. The Uncanny Counter is about four demon-hunters called the Counters who noodle shop employees by day and demon hunters by night. The Counters use special abilities to chase down malevolent spirits that prey on humans.

The Counters were once in a coma but were possessed by a spirit from Yung, which gave them a consciousness of healthy bodies along with supernatural abilities and superhuman strength. This series took us on a thrilling journey of battles against bloodthirsty demons, and the uncovering of the ugly truth behind a major redevelopment project in Jungjin, a member of the counters also reconnected to his past.


All of Us Are Dead is a 2022 horror zombie apocalypse. The movie takes place at a local high school where the safety of the students was threatened when zombies invade the school after a failed science experiment. The students strived to survive using the equipment they could find within and around the school to defend themselves; if not, they would be contaminated.

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The Tale of the Nine-Tailed is a romantical suspense drama released in 2020 starring Lee Dong-Wook, Jo Bo-ah and Kim Bum. The drama has a total of 16 episodes.

Take of the Nine-Tailed tells the story of a mythical nine Tailed fox, also known as the gumiho, Lee Yeon, who was once the guardian mountain spirit of Baekdudaegan. He is over 1000 years old, and he settled in the city many centuries ago. Able to transform into human form, he eradicates supernatural beings that threaten the mortal world, but his real aim is to find the reincarnation of his first love.

Supernatural beings, demons and even humans stood between his reunion with his first love, the Tale of the Nine-Tailed is made up of how Lee Yeon will defend his love, appease the shattered hearts around them and fight the demonic being that lust after their bodies, hearts and lives.


The King: Eternal Monarch is a 16 episoded romantic drama released in 2020. The drama features Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-Eun and Woo Do-hwan.

The drama is about a king who passes through a mysterious portal and into a parallel world where he encounters a feisty police detective. With the drama being set in two parallel worlds, the series follows Lee Gon, the King of the Kingdom of Corea, entering the Republic of Korea after crossing a mythical door which Lee Kim, his uncle, opened. In the Republic of Korea, Lee Gon met Tae-eul, a detective he recognised as the girl in the identity card he acquired during his father’s assassination.

Lee Gon is hiding after annihilating the previous King, but he’s also setting up an army while going to and fro between the two worlds. Lee Gon must put an end to Lee Kim’s atrocities and recover the other half of Manpasikjeok, used as a portal between the two worlds.

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While You Were Sleeping, a 2017 drama of 16 episodes which, comprises romance and legal drama and focuses on the lives of three young adults (a field reporter, a prosecutor and a police officer) who have the ability of precognition; the ability to see future events through their dreams.

The dreams aren’t appeasing as they contain crimes the prosecutor has to investigate and also disastrous events that they will have to endure. The three of them have to help one another to prevent these devastating incidents from happening and take down a corrupt officer; their archenemy, Lee Yoo-beom


Goblin, also called Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, is one of the best Korean dramas ever. The drama is a 16-episode of both romance and comedy starring Gong Yoo, Kim Go-Eun, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo In-na and Yook Sung-Jae. Goblin tells the story of Kim Shin, a 939-year-old immortal. The Almighty cursed him to remain immortal for life for the soldiers he annihilate to defend his country. Kim Shin becomes friend with a Grim Reaper and a cheerful student with a tragic past, Eun-Tak who happens to be his destined bride that would break his immortal curse.

As their lives entangle, a profound story unfolds as they are not just people who met by luck but people with more deep rooted relations. Goblin takes so many turns of events along the way but succeeded in nailing every single part. When it comes to a golden standardized KDRAMA, Goblin sets a very high bar.

And there they are, top 10 fantasy Kdrama movies, which among these have you watched and which is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section