Nob Life: I Have A Great Passion For Modeling, But I Don’t Let It Affect My Schooling.

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In today’s interview session of Nob Life; students thriving in school, work, fame, and money, we have with us a student and a passionate model.

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Kindly tell us about yourself.

I am a final-year student at the university, studying English in the Faculty of Arts.

I am into modeling, and I am into it due to the passion I have for it.

English? Was that your desired course of study?

Yes, it was.

Wow. Can you tell us why?

English is quite a flexible course.

By studying the course, I can be anything I want to be.

Can you tell us a few of the things you want to be?

I want to be an air hostess or a fashion model. These are just flexible jobs and fun to do while at them. I don’t want to sit in an office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

So, can we conclude that you like English as a course because you have a passion for modeling?

No, I can do modeling without even studying English. I like it as a course because it is so flexible. And it is a system that is just beyond what ordinary English people think it is.

Oh, okay. For how long have you been into modeling?

For close to two years now. And it has been fun. A bit stressful too, but you know, I like it, so I find it okay.

While you are a student, right?

Yes. I model in school. But I prefer doing it in my spare time, so it doesn’t affect my classes.

I was even about to ask.

How do you maintain a balance between your studies and modeling?

I never let it affect my education.

One thing about me is that I try as much as possible to cut off any stress. So when I have classes, tests, and school-related activities, I don’t go for shoots.

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So, we can now say that your education is a priority.

Yes, to me. Education and enjoyment.

I just like my free time to be free when I’m in school. Not me going for shoots when I’m free. Except I’m too free.

Does this mean modeling is more like a hobby than a job?

It is a job because it pays me. But my passion drives me to do a great job each time I go for shoots.

Are you well-known for modeling in your school?

My school is so big, I keep a small circle of friends, and I do my modeling job outside of the school environment.

But does your small circle of friends know about it?

Yes, they do.

And it is popularly believed that school is the best place to showcase your talent. But why do you keep it out of the school environment?

Nothing. That’s their belief.

I believe I’m okay this way; I’ve met great people that aren’t even schoolmates and have connected with me.

Yes, you said you’re a finals student. After graduation, where do you see yourself? Hoping to get a job or venture into modeling big time?

I see myself getting more modeling gigs that will put me in the spotlight.

So, your degree doesn’t matter?

LoL. It does too. I don’t know if I will work with it just yet. There are many opportunities out there that don’t need your degree, although it is necessary that you have it to appear fit for whatever option you are vying for.

Yes, I understand. What has been your primary challenge as a student and a model?

One of them is getting shoot requests when I’m in school, and am also very busy.

I hate to turn down jobs, but I have to, which means I’ve not only lost the opportunity but also money.

Yes, the money part. As a student that has a means of earning, how often do you depend on your parents for money?

Well, I cater to myself when it comes to buying things for fashion.

What my parents give me, I take because it also goes a long way in covering my feeding and all.

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