3 Signs You Need To Dump Her Fat Ass 

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We know you’re enduring, bro. We know the only reason you’re still in that relationship is because of her fat ass. We know all power belongs to her bum bum, but are there some things worth dying for?? We’ll tell you. 

We are here to enlighten you. Don’t be shy, keep reading. If your babe has one or two or all of these attributes, guy, you gas dump her. Forget ass. 

Here’s ONE 


Because she has a fat ass doesn’t stop her from going out there and investing in quality, sexy and intimate underwear. Seriously! A lady that cares less about her undergarments and isn’t ashamed to get naked in front of you with those unbranded cheap pants, is NOT a lady. Trust us, it has nothing to do with neatness. A babe can be neat and still wear archaic panties or mismatched undies sets. These are red flags. As a guy that works for his money, try dey get boundaries. She has a fat ass, we get it. But then, some things are not just done. Think about it. 

Here’s TWO 


We know you know exactly what we mean. You know your babe is dirty, you’re just been the calm guy that you are that’s why you clean after her. When your relationship is upped to the stage where you are ready and comfortable enough to live with your Gf, there must be set rules. A dirty girl makes a dirty home and in the future, sickly children. You have to really wise up. How e go take be?? Since you are the kind of guy that enters a relationship with the plan and hope for eventual marriage, you really don’t need a dirty babe by your side. You deserve better. DUMP HER FAT ASS. In the long run, it ain’t worth it. 

Here’s THREE 


We don’t know how true this is, but we have heard our little birds tell us some of you guys complain of your babes pu**y smells like fish. Like we said, we have no idea how true this. Anyways, smell na smell. And foul smells are detrimental to your health. How many Pu**y Fungus do you have to treat on your lips before you learn your lesson?? 

Listen, you love her. It’s understandable. But truth be told, you are not responsible for her Vagina health. That is on her as a woman. As a woman that has sex. (Ladies, we’ll talk more about this subsequently). As a respectable man, you should be found nowhere near a pussy you’re not 100% sure of its cleanliness. And if you risk giving Oral to a V.jay you know nothing about, because you wan dey prove your head game, then you are mad. You gas observe what kind of person is she; how long does she spend in the bathroom; how often does she change her panties; does she clean up when she pees; what is the state of her apartment and stuff. You know. Make your findings with your smart eyes and 7th guy OT sense and note them. 

Bottom line, your Baby girl smells fishy down there, or you find yourself itching after unprotected sheggs with her, run. Get yourself a new Baby girl. Life is too short for Fishy Punani, abeg. 

There are more red flags to look out for in your fat ass babe but we’ll stop here today. Share your experience with us in the comments. You sef don try, na man you be!

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