Unveiling 3 captivating OAU traditions

One of the things that makes Obafemi Awolowo University remain the “Oba awon university” is its ageless tradition cherished by students and Alumni of the Great Ife. Lots of things happen in other universities but only the seed of Great Ife can bring these spectacular traditions to life. Let’s dive into the vibrant traditions practiced in “Ogba Femi

1)Only in OAU can maximum shishi be practiced.



Maximum shishi is coined from English and Yoruba words. Maximum means intense, while, Shishi means to deal with someone by beating them. It is known as the merciless beating of a swindler when caught. Before maximum shishi is decided upon, close examination and questioning must take place (separating facts from fiction). If found guilty, the suspect is then stripped of his clothes and paraded around all the 9 hostels in school with evidence of the crime committed. The female hostel is inclusive. This is the highest form of punishment given to anyone found guilty of stealing in OAU. Most judgments do not often result in maximum shishi unless warranted by the actions of the accused. There are four levels of shishi depending on the gravity of the crime – there is Fẹrẹfẹ ( mild) shishi, Medium, Maximum, and Shishi infinitua. Although no one has been able to pinpoint the origin of maximum shishi it is believed to have gained more prominence after the killing of George Iwilade ( Afrika). It remains that as at the time cultist activities were rampant in OAU this was a method of chastisement exerted on known cultists when apprehended on OAU campus. This form of punishment to an extent curbs these kinds of acts on school premises

2) Only OAU students dare to mandate an Artiste to prostrate for them before performing



This is an age-long tradition that holds irrespective of your calibre. As long as you’re an artiste coming to perform. Before any performance can be staged, the artiste must either prostrate or kneel (female artiste). It is believed by O.A.U students as a sign of respect for them and their integrity. Even Olamilekan Agbelese popularly known as Laycon had to show a sign of reverence by prostrating when he mounted the podium to perform. For an artiste as big as Wande Coal to respect the tradition a couple of years back, means that the students of OAU don’t joke with this culture. A high percentage of artistes always respect this tradition, which in turn earns them respect, love and warm acceptance by the students.


3) Aro; a widely accepted norm in O.A.U

This act is practised mostly among a group called “Awo boys” but has now been transferred into the hearts of many. These are humorous jests which can sometimes cause the receiver a purge of certain emotions; either to cry or to laugh, depending on how it’s taken by the receiver. Aro has been a major source of comical entertainment on the OAU campus, having its headquarters at Awo Hall of Residence. Awo used to be a no-go area for ladies especially those who are easily pained by verbal insults. Aro has moved from the four walls of Awo and expanded its wings all over the OAU campus. I was once a victim of it _ On this faithful day, I was walking to my hostel and I saw a group of boys at Anglo-moz (this is where most OAU boys come to shoot their shot) and I was able to identify one of them as my friend, on greeting him, the others started raining bants that I made the biggest mistake not revering all of them. Having heard of this commonly practised tradition, It was easy for me not to fall for their schemes because I already knew what it was they were trying to do. For some, it’s not always an easy one to pass by as OAU boys get craze for head.

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