Everything you need to know about Oladips.


Upcoming Nigerian rapper, Oladipupo Olabode Oladimenji popularly known as Oladips passed away on the 14th of November 2023. According to witnesses and reports it is said that the young rapper died at exactly 10:14 pm. Apparently, the Nigerian musician was with his friends when he collapsed, causing them to panic and call out his name in fear. Videos of this unfortunate event have been circulating the internet.

Before his death, it has been reported that Oladips had been seeking help on his Instagram stories. In a post he used to reach out for help, he mentioned a @onlyonelifetime, scared and concerned because he had not been able to reach out to him via phone calls. He silently battled with his condition for two years. His body is currently in the possession of his family.

I guess now that you know what happened you’re wondering who he is, or you might just be visiting this story for old times’ sake. Whichever category you fall into is fine, really. Just sit back and relax while I tell you the story of Oladips, his rise to fame, his hit raps and his legacy.



Oladipupo Olabode Oladimenji was a Nigerian musician, a rapper to be precise. He was born on the 24th of March 1995 in Ogun state, Nigeria. The famous rapper was childhood friends with another popular Nigerian rapper, Zlatan Ibile. This means that he was 28 years old at the time of his death (so that you won’t have to calculate) Oladips completed his primary and secondary school education before moving to Lagos to pursue his music career

Unfortunately, there’s no information about his family on the internet.

At the age of sixteen, he started participating in rap battles both online and offline. He eventually began to gain popularity among Facebook rappers. A significant rap battle he took part in was one against another popular rapper, Don Geo. This launched his name into the spotlight and gained him recognition. While he was alive, Oladips had a net worth of about 350,000 dollars.

Although Oladips had many rap feats and was a force to reckon with prior to this, his major breakthrough came when he won the “king is here” that was organized by very popular Nigerian musician, Dbanj. After he won the contest, he signed his first record contract with EDGE Records, a Nigerian music record label. In 2015, he released his debut single, “bounce” which earned him even more fame. 



Since then, Oladips has been giving it to his fans back-to-back to back. He has performed in several African countries, A popular performance of his was one where he gave his own version of a song that had originally been sung by Drake and Trey Songz. The crowd loved it. Some other popular songs Oladips has covered are, Hello by Adele and Asalamalekun by Reminisce.

He has also sung many songs of his own including, Don’t Let Dagrin Down which he wrote as a tribute to the late Nigerian rapper, Dagrin, rapture, champion, cache, die young, lalakukulala, Mercy, Omoshalewa and many more. 

He has also performed with several other African artists like CDQ, Zlatan, the late Mohbad, Reminisce, T-classic.

Oladips was an awesome Nigerian rapper who had so much potential and definitely a lot more to give. The circumstances that caused his death are still unknown and fans and well-wishers are advised to give the family (if you know them) privacy and space during this difficult time. Oladips will definitely be missed and was more than a legend in his own right.