"Love on a mission" - Diary of An Ambivert Girl (Ep2)

“Love on a mission” – Diary of An Ambivert Girl (Ep2)

Hello my name is Irene, my friends call me portable;welcome to the trybe adventure on this
series called diary of the ambivert girl , lemme introduce you to the antagonists of this series
called LIFE , life has been unfair , the hurdles of life is frustration at it’s peak, but with hope
that one day LIFE will smile at me and treat me nicely. You will get to meet my other enemies DISAPPOINTMENT and others as the story flows.Well I ,Irene is the amiable and emotional protagonist of this story, strong career driven woman ,who is dedicated to achieve her goals despite being under the safety
net of her parents.  This story revolves around Irene struggles with family , friends and she’s a perfectionist,
she tries not to identify as a feminist but loves the good feminist idea.Click here to read previous Episodes 

Episode 2 – “Love on a mission”

Dear diary,this week choke me, I wan craze

Remember in my last session with you, I said I want to unravel the mystery behind me and my issues with love, maybe na me get problem or na love no gree accept me . So still on the mission on also unraveling the mystery of this guy too, I’m still trying to wrap my head around why his matter wan give me heart problem, why does he interest me so much , generally I might not have feelings , I’m just intrigued by his personality and lifestyle. Apart from Snapchat, I don’t think there’s another place love is also uncertain than Twitter(X app)and Facebook , IG sef na error , don’t even go there, Omoh everything will just be like cruise untill you see wedding invite. It is important to get to really know people apart from what they portray on social media. This particular guy just gets me so curious, who’s this interesting loner? And I think I will get my answer soon.
So back to my date, this dude was just expecting the savage and mean girl behind the keypads, emi keypad warrior , meme lord, emoji warrior but was suprised to see this shy princess, buh this princess attitude will become troublesome if you poke her too hard.

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The next day came and went without too much talk , I have my expectations but I try not to loud it. What do we all expect in a talking stage , Atleast the first or second week of getting to know a guy or lady ?
For my mind I Dey expect sweetness and rosy rosy mood, but I got hurt instead … Yes the date was fun, but the post date was a serious heart ache , this guy is a complete workaholic. I woke up the following day (post date 2) with serious chest pain, my heart wan burst , I take communication very personal ,so my whole being and soul felt the pain; I am not blaming anyone for not being able to handle or put my emotions in check but I really needed someone to talk to and he was not there, Atleast all those unnecessary hurting will go away.
Although I was still in doubt cuz we chatted for awhile, like 5 mins, then boom he went off, he is busy with work. This one wey I don enter , God you do this one , hope no be sey I don fall in love while on a mission. It’s only God that will help , na wetin my eye Dey find , I don see am.