“Jinxed or Budgeting gone wrong” – Diary of an Ambivert Girl (Ep4)

Hello my name is Irene, my friends call me portable;welcome to the trybe adventure on this
series called diary of the ambivert girl , lemme introduce you to the antagonists of this series
called LIFE , life has been unfair , the hurdles of life is frustration at it’s peak, but with hope
that one day LIFE will smile at me and treat me nicely. You will get to meet my other enemies DISAPPOINTMENT and others as the story flows.Well I ,Irene is the amiable and emotional protagonist of this story, strong career driven woman ,who is dedicated to achieve her goals despite being under the safety
net of her parents.  This story revolves around Irene struggles with family , friends and she’s a perfectionist,
she tries not to identify as a feminist but loves the good feminist idea. Click here to read previous Episodes 

Episode 4 – “Jinxed or Budgeting gone wrong”

Happy Independence Day lovelies, I was planning to enjoy my Monday break, which I did by sleeping and seeing a movie. Well on to the matter for this week, should I say I jinxed myself or I had poor budgeting because ion understand what the hell happened to all that money I’m trying to save up for better days . You all know this jinx thing that people talk about, you see those forex people, they think some advice attimes person Dey jinx their trade, if you’re into forex you’ll understand my point better . What is jinx, where did it originate from, find that out yourself . Some people will say if you believe in something deeply , I mean opposite wise , if you do it against the order of the things of your belief, it tends to happen to you; well I know that’s hard to comprehend now . Well my mum used to say something about not starting a month with expenses, or a week with expenses , because if she does that , the amount of unforeseen expenses go choke, so she waits till Tuesday, you can’t get anything from my mum on a Monday morning , it’s either Sunday or Tuesday ,which she deeply believes in , trust me , it works for her , but if she goes against that belief , then the reality she’s trying to avoid sets it, then she’s will say it has been jinxed, I hope you’re getting my point . It had gradually become a pattern of principle.

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Well, in my own case, I don’t really believe in all those things, it’s more like superstition for me, but it happened to me anyway , I started my own first spending on the 1st of October,which I don’t do, you see the rest of the week has been choked with unforeseen circumstances , from #200 on Sunday, to #1100 on Monday and it kept increasing, Infact, I spent 7k in a day on one of those days, unpleasant surprises doesn’t end well … apart from all these, kassala bursted when my laptop got faulty out of the blues, I didn’t see that coming , because I still used it a day before, to type . I just Dey spend money Dey go , jinx don finally catch up with me, spending over 11k in just days for someone that’s jobless no be beans , which I will still likely spend more over the weekend, see me see trouble.
So literally, this week has been rough , I’m not even feeling it at all, not to even mention spending 6hrs in the bank just to get ATM card, haaaa I don suffer, I sat and queued for hours, omo they really need to change this customer care strategy thing o. This week shege has been successfully seen, any other shege after this week, God should please have mercy on me and help me carry my burden, because this daughter of Zion is tired, expenses and bills wan wound me . Another prayer to my list “Lord meet me at the point of my needs”. I don reach T-junction like this , God shine light at the end of my tunnel, cuz i sure sey I don waka reach tunnel, I’m patiently waiting to receive your light in my life.
On this note, it is high time I learn to budget properly. Now I think I deserve a full body massage , movies to chill and books to calm my nerves, most importantly I need my beauty sleep… Till we gist again next time, I’m off to read “The 5 Love Languages “ by Gary .D.Chapman, my self care activated already.