#SchoolBully- Abuja’s elite school is trending for all the wrong reasons and here’s why

#LeadBritishInternationalSchool, Abuja’s elite school is trending for all the wrong reasons and here’s why


I know by now you must have seen the viral video of a girl slapping another who is believed to be her classmate. Both of the girls in that clip are students of Lead British International School, Abuja an elite school in  Abuja. This might lead you to ask a strange question ‘’are the rich also bullied?’’ Well it might also shock you to know bullying occurs in all spheres of life. School, home, religious institutions and wherever human beings are.

As Usual, Netcitizens had so much to say about the whole scenario, it all started when a video surfaced where the Aunt of the bullied girl who goes by the name Namtira slapped the bully, Maryam. There was a faux outrage, some people said the Aunt should not have slapped the girl. While I don’t believe in violence,

     Some people claimed that they had nothing against the child, but the parent who had refused to train their children they had issues with. I actually believe some parents are capable of doing that and honestly I don’t blame them. Having gone through the boarding system myself, bullying is no small ordeal and should be severely dealt with. 

  I do not have issues going to challenge the bully’s parents, but scenes where the bully’s parents beat you up. 

I strongly believe this won’t be a pretty sight at all. In all this ”bulaba some people were seen faulting the girl for not speaking up. This leaves me to wonder if people don’t know how bullying works at all and how the victim is first of all broken psychologically before being physical with the victim. So many hot takes but the real question here  is what would you do if your child was the bully? I for one know that my mum would definitely attempt to ‘’unalive me’’. Everyone should take great care to train and discipline their children so they don’t traumatize others. This subject opened a can of worms as people started to call out their bullies. Guess what, most of them showed no remorse.

 I hope people know that bullying doesn’t start and end in school, it goes as far as trolling people on the internet for their takes, religions, bodies, tribes, their choice of clothing and  what they stand for. Bullying kills people too, physically and mentally. Please leave people alone and train your kids well because if they cross mine.