If you want to do something, you might as well do it right… Right? And if you’re planning to ask a girl out and get a positive response from her, you just want to be sure you’re doing it right. So here are things to avoid while asking a girl out.

1. Don’t talk too much about yourself

Nothing turns a girl off more than a guy who cannot stop yapping about himself. As much as you always want to show her that you are perfectly capable of initiating and holding a sensible conversation, you also want to ensure that you don’t bore her with stories about yourself, either in an attempt to flaunt yourself to her or to keep the conversation going. Whatever valid reasons you might have for doing this, you don’t want to mess up your chances with this lady as you have with others in the past so I would advise that you drop this act.

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2. Don’t use pick up lines

Ugh. Seriously, who still uses pick up lines anymore? I’ve seen a lot of movies to know ladies aren’t buying that anymore and I have many experiences from ladies around me that confirms that too.

You must be hoping she will find you ridiculously hilarious by walking up to her with a pick up line. Well, at least you would have her attention for all of two seconds before she walks away. But I figure you’ll need more than two seconds to ask her out so no. Please lose the pick up lines as well. Be authentic, come on!

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3. Don’t be sneaky

Some ladies enjoy the chase. You know, a guy flirting and spending time with them before they have the conversation that makes whatever they’ve been doing official. But if you’re serious about this lady you want to ask out, you want to express your intentions seriously from the onset. You don’t know who else has got their eyes on your lady as well and have probably started moving in on her while you’re there playing ‘friendship’.

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4. Don’t limit interactions to social media

I understand the times we live in are very dependent on the internet, but you must learn to build and grow relationships even beyond social media. Take time out to hang out with her. Get to know her better, and let her know you better too. In doing this, you’ll discover new reasons why you should totally go for her. And she would also get to see why she should consider you a worthy partner… even before you’ve asked her out. How convenient!

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5. Don’t ask her out online

You have started well and I commend you, but why are you about to ruin all of this, comrade? Why will you go and be asking her out online? This particular conversation is one that is best had face to face, and you want to give much care to the setting as well!

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You want it to be memorable for as well. She’s going to think back at that memory with fondness or hate depending on how much thought you put into it. You could probably do it after a date at a favourite place of hers. Or just after hanging out and spending quality time. Whatever you’re doing, let it not be a spontaneous outburst of emotions where you confess your love for her… On a Whatsapp voice call?
No. You can do better. You must do better.

Follow these tips with a touch of charisma and confidence and I daresay you have a fat chance of getting that desired response!

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