Items You’ll Always Find In Nigerian Homes

Typical Nigerian homes will always have some things in common even though there are differences in language and culture.

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1) Broom

The issue now isn’t the broom but the position they would be found. If the broom is not found under the chair, it will be found behind the door.

2) Souvenirs

Now, this is a sign of Owanbe Nigeria mothers. Souvenirs are always found in the house and their location is usually in the kitchen or the mothers’ room. That’s when you will see a bucket that was collected in 2005.

3) Steel bowl

I got tired of seeing these bowls at some point. These bowls come in a set and they were used for special functions and distributing of foods in the area (if you served food in your area, gather here, let’s know ourselves).

4) Stainless plates

These plates are always in abundance. Just like a river, they never run dry. These plates are used to serve kids or cover food. I ate from this plate wella as a Nigeria girl.

5) Water drum

This is the main storage of water. It’s rare to find an empty water drum. It’s either it’s full or half-full.

6) Buckets of water

Even after filling the water drum, some mothers will still fill up the buckets in the house with water (just in case, in their words).

7) Ghana must go

Even with wardrobes and leather boxes, you will still find Ghana must go in a Nigeria home. It might not be serving any purpose but it will be there for decoration purposes.

8) Mosquito net

This might be as common as others but by the time to check like 10 Naija houses, you will see a house that has a mosquito net.

9) Rags

There’s always a piece of rag in a Naija home. The rags will always evolve from someone’s clothes in the house.

10) Things that are older than you

“don’t break that thing, I’ve had it before I gave birth to you, it’s old” The kind of words or more will be heard from Naija mothers. If a pot is not older than you, a ceramic or steel bowl will be.

Although we have diverse cultures, languages and tribes, we still will find something that we all have in common and that’s what makes us unique.

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