10 Foods University Of Ibadan Students Cannot Do Without

Truly, getting into the First and Best University in Nigeria is the beginning of a different kind of struggle and surviving in the University of Ibadan “no be beans”, it is not an easy task and surely not for the weak.

One of the challenges you would need to overcome as a student is “food”. You were probably accustomed to eating different dishes at home, but now you are in a different environment, an environment where you have too many tasking issues at hand to even think about preparing mouth watering delicacies every now and then.
Below are ten popular types of food, a University of Ibadan student or even anyone else who went to a federal university in Nigeria can relate to, because they are the “student delicacies” we enjoy so well.


Can we all agree that garri deserves awards from Nigerian students?
It is not an exaggeration when people say garri has been saving the lives of Nigerians before and even after university education began in the 60’s.

A good number of students in the university of Ibadan cannot deny that garri is a lifesaver. Although it is normal that guys are more into garri than girls, even female students soak and enjoy this cultural delicacy.

Forget about “na sapa cause am”. It doesn’t matter if you are one of those “chilling with the big boys”, or “the big boy”, there is always a space for garri. Students enjoy this appetizer with groundnuts and beans especially.


Let me guess the person who invented this appealing appetizer totally had University of Ibadan students in mind. Being one of the fastest and easiest food to make, especially after a stressful day, you cannot separate noodles from students in the university of Ibadan. Even those students who suck at preparing this delicacy go to the “indomie stand” to eat and enjoy it.


Rice is undoubtedly the king of food in the University of Ibadan and even other institutions. This is because majority of students chose rice as their most preferred carbohydrates.
Rice is a Nigerian staple diet that is undeniably easy to cook and delicious.
As a University of Ibadan student, it is highly impossible to not eat rice at least twice in a week. Be it plain-cooked rice, jollof rice, fried rice or even concoction. You’ll surely eat rice, probably you prepare it yourself or you go grab it at the Hall cafes.


The versatility of this amazing dish cannot be overemphasized.
Just like noodles, university of Ibadan students and beans are inseparable. It is one of those dishes you can cook today, warm it up the next day and enjoy it again.
Although taking beans with garri is actually the most popular combination, this delicacy can also be eaten with rice, fried stew, bread and yam. Great thing is, it can also be eaten solo.


Pasta is the general name for spaghetti, twists, shapes, macaroni, and so on.
Just like noodles, we cannot separate eating pasta, especially spaghetti from University of Ibadan students.
A good number of students love to eat spaghetti, regardless of whether they rich or broke in school. This is because spaghetti is a fast food, a delicacy that suits the busy nature of students.
Spaghetti pairs well with other types of food and it easy to prepare. This delicacy can be enjoyed with stew, sauce or stir fried with veggies.


Bread is a staple for student in the University of Ibadan. Students resort to eating bread both in good times and “sapalized” times.
Remember those days you would tell your roommates to buy bread when they are coming? Or those days you would use the last money on you to grab bread and chilled drink? Or those times you can’t think of anything to cook and eat after a long stressful day so you resort to buying bread and egg?
We cannot deny the fact that bread has rescued many students who had early morning exams and classes. More reasons why this solo delicacy is mostly referred to as the holy grail of the university life.


Cooking concoction is very common among students. We all know that kind of budget-friendly rice and spaghetti we cook that cannot be classified as rice and spaghetti because it is just a combination of different ingredients and spices you can lay your hands upon.
Remember those times you would convert that old stew you don’t want to pour away into concoction just to arrive at something edible? Well, there is nothing to be ashamed about, other students do it too.

8. YAM

Yam is a staple, especially here in the southwestern part of Nigeria.
Yam is a versatile delicacy that can be eaten boiled and enjoyed with oil, fried eggs and even butter.
It is a staple that can also be enjoyed fried, commonly known as “dundun” with stew, or even roasted and enjoyed with palm oil.
Let’s not forget our delicious and nutritious Yam Burger.


The next on the list is Potato.
Potato remains one of the budget friendly foods usually consumed by students in the First and Best University.
Potato deserve to be applauded for its versatility and for being one of the cheapest food options you can find in the market.
Potatoes can be fried and enjoyed with eggs or stew, boiled like yam and enjoyed with oil or sauce. It can also be made into delicious pottage.


And the last on the list… Cereals!
Cereals include cornflakes, golden morn, coco pops, weetabix, fruit ‘n’ fibre, quaker oats and so on.
Listen, we know cereals are currently viewed as a diet for the “big boys and girls on campus”, yes we do! We cannot however, deny how well cereals suit the nature of desperately hungry, seriously tired and too lazy to cook students, for the reason that cereals are convenient and easy to make.

Life in any tertiary institution is undeniably not an easy feat for students. Due to the need to balance daily activities, University of Ibadan students prefer, easy to make, pocket friendly and versatile foods. Do you think there are any foods we might have missed? Feel free to add them in the comment section.