10 Greatest Events Of All Times At Unilorin

As stressful as being a student of Unilorin might be, there are memorable events that you don’t want to miss out on campus.

This events will take you away from the draining academic world and give you the energy to get wild, crazy and hippie to have fun!

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If you are a unilorite, especially in your freshman year, you don’t want to miss out on these eventful programs:

1. Matriculation ceremony

Freshers of unilorin will be anticipating the date for the ceremonial matric day especially when they are getting the hype from their predecessors that are staylites. The ceremony is worth the hype, after attending the whole VC speech at the school auditorium most of the hours of the day are full of activities. You might regret not attending once you start seeing a handful of pictures on your friend’s social media accounts and the jolly mingling amidst your mates. 

2. Bon fire Night

The dusking event is organized after the matriculation ceremony for freshers, to enjoy and relax before calling it a day. There will be dances and music and games, dishing out fun to spectators among the newly initiated students. It’s like the party you’d need when you want to get your body moving and your voice screaming!

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3. Orientation events

After all conclusion students have been admitted to school, and thus will be introduced and welcomed into the better by far institution. While there are several orientation programs, organized by faculties in unilorin even within departments you are not required to go to all of them. Just pick the few important ones as they call you with their incentives. Freshers should look forward to their orientation programs.

4. Political Manifesto

Every second semester of an academic year before the concluding exams, a week is stipulated for the school elections. Students contesting for positions ranging from each faculty to their departments and the whole school SU president. This period is when you’d see a lot of flyers for political prospects, campaign rallies and manifestos. You should have fun while the buzz last.

5. Unilorin Trade fair: katakara

This is the event organized by the Unilorin Student union where studentpreneurs exhibit their goods and products. The event is to further encourage the students to showcase and display their wares to possible customers. The event also supports non-students in selling their products, in that bid, a trade fair is what you don’t wanna miss

6. Unilorin Idol

This is also organized by the unilorin Student Union, alongside other sponsors. This event is where students’ talents for singing are brought to the limelight, with competition among the contestants till they are number up to the finalists. You might want to attend the grand finale of the event to find out the winner, the event last four days only.

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7. Dancing competition

This event is usually organized by different faculty, but the one I knew of that rocked the campus was the inter-faculty dance competition by the faculty of management science. That held at MLT last year, everyone got crazy and was hooting about how much fun they had. The girls that danced and such banters on who did it best.

8. Engine Burgers day

This is mostly organized by the faculty of Engineering in Unilorin every year, where students belonging to this faculty will be gathered to clamor for bread and Akara burger. The burger is gotten from one of the kiosks in the walkways of Unilorin departmental blocks, that is closer to the faculty of engineering. If you are in engineering and you hardly get to buy bread and Akara, the engine burgers day is the day you should not miss for a free burger!

9. Food submit/ Cooking competition

This is a yummy event in unilorin, different faculties holds their own food competition and submit. Students will get to showcase their culinary skills while they make yummy but presentable food dishes, Almighty price belongs to the winner.

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10. Sports competition 

Unilorin usually organized sports inter-faculty and departmental sports, which gets each team fan whooping. The unilorin stadium is a grand place for the greatest sports event and it hosts different schools also. The interstate sport held during the first semester was one of them, and the beautiful fact aside from having new faces around, it’s the diverse traders displaying their wears Invaded the space for the free commute. Regardless, it was a good sports event. 

If you are in unilorin, especially if you are in your freshman year be among the onlookers of events that pop up throughout the academic year. And while you don’t want to get carried away, you can pick a few beneficial events that might suit your academic pursuit. 

Remember, live a life in school!