UI Requirements After Admission And All You Must Know

Welcome to the University of Ibadan, the Premier University. As a newbie, lot of things will look strange to you. You will need guidance concerning some things like completing your admission process. Don’t worry, The Trybe City is here to take you step by step through it.

Some documents are required to be submitted to the admission office, faculty office and departmental office. Failure to do this might cause problems along the way. Sit back, get a chilled zobo while you read.

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You might probably be thinking that since you’ve done online clearance there’s no need for all these documents. In UI, that is not so. It is required that you submit these documents to certain places, physically.

Required documents

1) O’level results
2) Secondary school certificate
3) Previous institution for D.E
4) Birth certificate
5) Numerous passport photograph
6) Reference letters
7) School fees receipt
8) Jamb results
9) Admission letter (both individual and institution copy)

Note: For each of these documents, you must have lots of photocopies to avoid unnecessary stress.

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1) Don’t be a loner. Try to get to know people in your departments, faculties and hostels.
2) Read every notice you see on the notice board.
3) Treat every information as urgent.
4) Ask questions anytime you are not clear about a thing.
5) Follow all given instructions closely.
6) Cultivate the habit of staying updated with news concerning your department, faculty and hostel.
7) And most importantly, verify every information to avoid falling victims of rumors.

Do not do oversabi to avoid stories that touch. Follow laid down rules and regulations, so you can enjoy your stay here. Welcome to the First and Best. We wish you success in your journey.

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