5 Tips to Honing Your Long Distance Relationship

Many things are bearing the brunt of ASUU’s ongoing strike and it is not just the average Nigerian university student’s mental health. Neither is it the Whatsapp CEOs who run small businesses on campus and have had to deal with a major dwindle in their customers and presumably sales as well.

No. It’s not that.

Many relationships are shaking and if there is no divine intervention now, the Titanic will have nothing on them in a few weeks from now.
But we dey for you. We will not open our eyes and watch your ships capsize.

Here are five tips to hone your long distance relationship.

1. Get a job

No, seriously. You need to get a job. For so many reasons. You need to get a job so you can keep busy and not be missing man or bae all day long. You need to get a job so you can keep busy and starve off any sexual appetite that will make you unfaithful to your partner. Konji, they say, na bastard. And an idle man, they also say, is the devil’s workshop.

Finally, you need to get a job because you’re definitely going to need a lot of money to keep your relationship going. Trust me on this one, my dear.

2. Maintain communication

I mean, you don’t want to give your babe or boo too much breathing space and risk them entering a talking stage with another person. Why would you want to do that? Make sure you choke them with calls left, right and center. You see why I said you’ll need a job earlier now?

You’re going to need the money to get enough data (for both of you, mind you, if you’re the guy). You have to be video calling them to know how they are doing and just to confirm that they’re not somewhere breaking your heart sha. Even single people that are not talking to anybody, they know how serious this data matter is.

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3. Share your daily plans with each other

What better way to know if they’re up to something than by knowing what they’re up to?

Share your daily plans with each other. This is actually a very helpful tip. It helps you both to maximize your day and keep each other accountable. On the flip side, it also helps you to allay your fears… or not. If, for instance, they miss your call and reply later saying they stepped out to get something, you can call them out and say, “But you didn’t include ‘Step out to get something’ in today’s plan.”

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4. Send them a surprise care package

Thinking about this sef don dey sweet me.

Actually, this is the way we run things in this long distance relationship sphere. Na you just wan dey stingy. You should lavish your partner with gifts periodically. Send food and other eatables o, but more importantly send items that they would have to keep around and keep seeing and remembering you too. That’s how you make sure their heart stays with you.

5. Surprise them with a visit

The things people do and move for love cannot be fathomed.

So if your relationship is on the verge of crumbling and your last resort would be travelling for over four hours on this horrific, Nigerian road (excuse me for assuming you cannot afford a plane ticket), then that might just be the universe’s way of telling you to prove if you truly love your partner or not. If you want to keep your girl or man, then you should definitely go all out.

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Finally, if you try all these and it doesn’t work, you could just marry them too. As long as you’re sure sha.

Long distance is not some people’s calling and that’s okay. Plus, with the way things are with ASUU, one might as well start the rest of their lives now if they have found the love of their life.

So, congratulations just might be in order to you and your beloved!