We Ranked the Top 10 Greatest Nickelodeon Shows of all time.

This is a shout-out to all Nickelodeon binge-watch addicts, kids and teens that have found solace in fun and laughter with the Nickelodeon crew and casts. Nickelodeon is a Television channel that has brought joy to the world, in this case, kids. The ‘gen Z population are a living testimony that Nickelodeon has been and is a massive part of their childhood memories and experiences, with the hilarious shows, comedic scenes, fiction series and stories that very much relate to you as a kid or a teen, even as an adult.

The origin of Nickelodeon

Here’s a fun fact, did you know that the name ‘Nickelodeon’ first came into existence as ‘Nickeolodeons- a theatre space’? Shocking right?

Yes, The ‘Nickelodeons were the very first type of exhibition, theatric spaces that were used to feature motion pictures, short films, illustrated songs, and overall theatre as it was back then. The name ‘Nickelodeon’ was coined from two words ‘Nickel’ and ‘Odeion’, ‘Nickel’ meaning ‘5 cents’, which was the then admission fee into the shows, and ‘Odeion’ a Greek word meaning ‘roofed-over theatre’, these two words came together and became ‘Nickelodeon’ as we know it today. Awesome yes?

Change has been and will always be the only constant thing in the world, well, actually also the air we breathe, but let’s not deviate. As change occurred over time, Nickelodeons ran out of business, feature films took over, and their era was gone. The name, however, has been re-born to us, representing a similar meaning to what it was before, then roofed-theatre, now a TV station. Quite the story, yes?

Now for the main purpose of this piece, let’s take a look at the top 10 Nickelodeon shows that we ranked ‘Greatest of all times.

We ranked the shows classified under sitcoms and cartoons, based on the criteria of most-watched and most-popular, from number 10, which is the least, to number 1, the highest, so you have to keep reading till the end.


10. iCarly

iCarly ranked number 10 on this list is this American sitcom full of fun, love, goofiness and lessons albeit created by Dan Schneider, majorly for teens and young adults.

iCarly tells the story of a teenager, Carly Shay, and her friends, Freddie Benson and Sam Puckett, who created and hosted their web show and named it ‘iCarly’. It all started when Miss Briggs

asked Carly to supervise an audition session, and her friends decided to tag along. Whilst on the job, they complained of boredom and goofed around at the contestants’ expense. They recorded their goofiness and mistakenly uploaded it online, people loved it, and it inspired them to create their web show which consisted of major goofiness.

The whole sitcom plays out the life of teenagers who were entrepreneurs and high schoolers and were trying to balance it all out. The show has been and is, although no longer aired, still an all-time favourite of Nick fans.

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9. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender, ranked as our ninth greatest Nickelodeon show, is an epic cartoon with a fascinating story. A story that fascinates kids, teens and adults, kids imagine themselves bending elements, teens take their time trying to predict the next scene or argue over how a scene should have played out and adults? They either make fun of it or watch it as a medium of relaxation. It is a wholesome combination of Asian culture, Chinese culture and American cartoon features.

A fascinating story of four elemental nations, water, fire, earth and air, who were all living together in harmony, but suddenly the fire nation attacked, and the whole world was in danger of being ruled by a tyrant power-holding country. Only the Avatar, who was master of all the four elements, was equipped enough to face the fire nation and win, but then he disappeared and reincarnated as a kid who had quite a lot to learn before he could save the world. The show garnered enough popularity with audiences and critics alike, gathering up to 5.6 million viewers and also receiving high ratings on the Nickelodeon cartoons ranks. The show is adventure-packed and thrilling, always leaving the viewers wanting more and constantly binge-watching.

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8. The Thundermans

The Thundermans, ranked number 8 on our list, is this sitcom that is all things supernaturally cray cray and goofy. The sitcom is about a family of superheroes with five kids, a family that is struggling to maintain a normal life as an average American family in the outside world but secretly living comfortably as superheroes in the confines of their home.

The sitcom also follows the story of the lead roles, Phoebe and Max, the eldest kids and twins. Although they are twins, they have totally different personalities and different outlooks and opinions on life. Phoebe wants to be a superhero, or in Max’s words, a ‘goody-two-shoes, through and through, whilst Max is dedicated and hell-bent on being a supervillain.

The Thundermans, since its inception and up until now, is an all-time favourite and a highly watched Nick show by kids, teens and young adults.


7. Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold, ranked 7th on the greatest Nickelodeon shows of all time is the Nicktoon that has garnered high views and popularity on Nickelodeon.

It centres on the life of Arnold, a fourth grader living with his grandparents in Washington who is trying and focusing on adjusting to and navigating the urban life, also dealing with issues and daily problems alongside his friends. Together they face daily challenges head-on.

Kids love this Hey Arnold because they can relate to it and understand the need and power of friendships and working together.

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6. Henry Danger

Henry Danger ranked number 6 on this list, a superhero-themed sitcom designed for teens between the ages of 13-17.

This sitcom follows the story of Henry Hart, who is 13 years old and in high school, living in Swelleview and needed a summer job. He found his way to Ray’s store, Captain man, and the store was his secret man cave. Captain man employed him to be his sidekick Kid Danger, hence the name ‘Danger’, and whilst on the job, Henry had to swear to keep his job secret and not to reveal the identity of Captain man and also swear to protect the city of Swelleview.

Henry Danger is one heck of a comedy series, as we follow through the daily life of Henry Hart and how he manages to be a high schooler, a son, a friend and a superhero. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best shows Nickelodeon has ever produced and aired.

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5. The Loud House

The Loud House ranked as our number five. Loud House has earned its place among the popular Nickelodeon cartoons. An animation that sports a wide range of cast and characters with diverse backgrounds, yet they all have a meeting point, blending to give the viewers maximum entertainment.

The plot is a story about a boy ‘Lincoln Loud’ and his everyday life. The boy is the middle child and only son of a very large family with 11 kids. A boy living with ten sisters has a lot to cope with; together with his best friend Clyde, who lives in the Loud house as well, together they find new ways to outwit the sisters and tackle daily challenges.

Depicting sibling love, sibling squabble and all the cray cray that happens in a really large house, the Loud House skyrocketed, gained fans, gained critics and hit high ratings since its debut and is a young but successful work of art. This made it a part of the shows we all couldn’t get enough of.

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4. Victorious

Victorious, ranked number 4 on this list, is this teen sitcom Victorious, an all-time classic and a show viewers have been rooting for to be brought back to our screen. The show has won Kid’s Choice Awards for Favorite TV show four times in a row and is an all-time favourite.

Victorious depicts the life of teenagers who had dreams and visions of becoming performing artists in different fields in the future. The lead role Tori Vega, her sister Trina and her friends, Andre, Robbie, Cat, Jade and Beck, were high schoolers attending a performing arts high school and were seeking to become pros in their various fields. Tori was aspiring to be a performing singer, and the show majorly focuses on how she lives, maintains relationships, keeps her goals in view and still is a teenager.

The show is majorly designed for teens within the age range of 13-17, relating to all the issues and challenges that they have to face whilst trying to achieve their set goals. Victorious is a musical sitcom and a definite all-time favourite begging for a reunion.

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3. Fairly OddParents

Fairly OddParents, ranked number 3 on our list, is another popular and highly watched Nicktoon.

Fairly OddParents follows the story of Timmy Turner, an average kid that no one understands, neglected by his parents, who are about their business and left in the care of a bully for a babysitter. Timmy is, however blessed with two fairy godparents sent to him from fairyland, who acts as his caretakers and can grant his every wish and command. The fairy parents must comply with Timmy’s demands, no matter how outrageous and are always with him. It’s like an upside-down scene of Cinderella and her fairy godmother.

Fairly OddParents is funny, hilarious, and silly, but it is a kid’s favourite, highly watched and popular.

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2. Drake & Josh

Drake & Josh, ranked number 2 on our list, is the most popular and most watched Nickelodeon sitcom.

A show that tells the story of step-brothers with totally different personalities, who are not necessarily best buds, but are compelled and have to learn to live together under the same roof as they navigate through high school. The show takes us through their daily lives of living together and how they tackle life challenges and subsequently learn how to cohabit.

Drake and Josh was aired for four seasons and recorded high views and popularity. The leads, Drake Parker and Josh Nichols, lent their real names to the characters and made us so happy we were hooked on them as their life played out on television. The show seeks a reunion and re-run of episodes.

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1. SpongeBob SquarePants

And last but the highest on our list, ranked number 1, is that all-time classic, most-watched Nicktoon that has all kids, teenagers and even some adults hooked on binge-watching, SpongeBob SquarePants!

Holding a world record for the most popular Kid’s show, the cartoon follows the story of a sponge named SpongeBob living in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea. The show tells us the story of SpongeBob, his friends, his work and the whole city at the bottom of the sea, Bikini Bottom.

SpongeBob is a ray of sunshine and is always happy. He has a starfish, Patrick, as his best friend and an octopus, Squidward, the ever cynical fellow in the show, as a co-worker at the Krabby Patties. The story incorporates life in the sea and portrays them to have normal lives as humans do working, eating, schooling and living.

SpongeBob is an all-time classic and favourite of all kids, teens and even adults, who find all the silliness refreshing and relaxing to watch. SpongeBob has our love all the time.

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Out of this list, which is your number one favourite? Let’s hear it in the comment section.

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