5 Nigerian Meals you can prepare with 200 naira.

As sapa is now everywhere, feeding and living itself have gotten more demanding and more challenging. As the standard of living is rising, food in some families has become more like a hassle. In case you’re about to resume school and you intend to budget your spending on food, this is an essential article for you. With just 200 naira, shikini money! You can prepare and enjoy a Nigerian dish. Don’t think we’re referring to the meals Geena makes in Foodies and Spice; this is way simpler. Some of them are:

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1. Garri and Groundnut

What’s to top our list if not the life-saving garri? With just 200 naira, you can get a cup of garri, sugar, and even groundnut. What more can you ask for? How to prepare? Just get a small cup, do not get a big one, so you won’t be chasing your ground nuts. Get chilled water; this is necessary to down every stress the lecturer might have caused you, and you’ll go ‘arrgh’ with relief after the first scoop. Get your additives like sugar and groundnut to remind your enemy that you’re not poor na condition. Put all these in the cup and stir, and your meal is ready. It would be best if you sat on the floor while drinking it to enjoy it better, you can thank me later.

2. Noodles

You might be waiting for the ‘egg’ which comes with the meal, but that won’t be possible Chief. I remember the time when noodles were very cheap and were sold at 50 naira per pack, kids weren’t frowned upon for wasting food, but things have changed. With 200 naira now, you might be opportune to get just two packs of noodles. Prepare your noodles, and do not add much water, except you love ramen. This dish is best eaten directly from the small pot you made it from, that is, if you haven’t eaten it all under the guise of ‘tasting’ it while cooking. It is well.

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3. Bread and Groundnut

You might have been expecting regular Bread and eggs, but this can’t be so because of how expensive everything has turned out in our country. After getting bread 150, as it has been popularized that there’s no more bread for 100 naira, you can buy groundnut, which costs 50 naira. How do you enjoy it? Cut your bread in half and fill the groundnuts in the middle of the bread, press them together and get a chilled glass of water. You sef go know say you chop something.

4. Pap and Milk

What’s a beautiful sapafied breakfast without Pap? Pap is still economically friendly in most of our areas, so you can get pap, mix in lukewarm water and prepare It. Get your milk and mix it together. You have your breakfast ready.

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5. Bread and butter


Rounding up our list is Bread and butter, the regular breakfast we were brought up with. All you need to do is cut the bread in half and spread your butter nicely in your bread, take the end of the bread in your mouth and bite into it. Make sure there’s a cold glass of water beside you so you’ll be punctuating your meal with gulps of water. That way, you can stay till at least 2 pm before you think of food again.

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I’m pretty sure this list has been talking to some of us, and for those who have been ignorant, you’re welcome. Some universities have calendars, and some schools don’t have holiday breaks till next year. Dele, manage your resources well. Which is your favorite meal?