#GenZDictionary – Top 15 Nigerian Gen Z slangs you should know

Generation Z, popularly known as Gen Z’s, are known for vibe! As a millennial or a Gen Z by just age, not trait, it would be difficult for you to communicate with a Gen Z because you will just be hearing different slangs you are unfamiliar with. But guess what? Trybe City is here to be your tutor

1. E choke: This phrase describes a situation that is overwhelming or very impressive. It has become popular in the Nigerian Gen Z vocabulary and was coined by the popular Nigerian afrobeat star, Davido.

2. Aza: If you don’t know the meaning of this word, you might not be considered a confirmed Gen Z. Aza refers to account details. Someone may request your ‘Aza’ for a giveaway, as in ‘Send me your Aza.’ This word evokes certain feelings associated with it.

3. Ajebo: This phrase describes a person who was born with a silver spoon, loves a privileged life, and does not face hardships.

4. Salty: This term is used to refer to feelings of jealousy or bitterness.

5. Clapback: This refers to a fitting response, particularly one that stings, often directed towards someone who has criticized or insulted you.

6. Knack: Though trending, this term refers to getting laid in Nigerian Gen Z slang.

7. Gbege: Simply put, it means trouble or problem.

8. Big Yikes: This expression conveys a high level of embarrassment or discomfort.

9. Kpai: A popular term meaning dead or resulting in death.

10. Sapa: Commonly used by Nigerian Gen Z to describe a state of extreme brokenness or poverty.

11. Komot: Equivalent to ‘get out of the way’ or ‘go away’ in Nigerian pidgin.

12. Ment: Short for ‘mental,’ used to question someone’s state of sanity, as in ‘You dey ment?’

13. Cheugy: Describes something that is not cool.

14. Japa: A popular term meaning to flee or escape, but to Nigerian Gen Z, it means to travel out of the country in search of better opportunities.

15. Cap: Originally meaning a covering for the head, in Gen Z slang, it means a lie or deception.”