Top 10 Slangs Only UITES Understand

Even as a haven of serious-minded students, the home of scholars and future Nobel Laureate, UI as a community have some peculiar and adopted slangs. If you’re a Uite, you must be familiar with these slangs so enjoy reminiscing instances when you’ve used them. If not, read on so you won’t look like a novice anytime you come around our great citadel and hear them;

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When you hear someone call another person Jackometer in UI, they’re not referring to them as any weighing equipment. Jackometer refers to someone who is often seen reading all the time, someone who enjoys reading or a brilliant student. If you know you’re a jackometer, say hi in the comment session.

9. Shanaphyte

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Shanaphyte is similar to Jackometer. Uites often refer to brilliant students as “Shanaphyte”. Still, you can’t completely rely on both words. Sometimes, students use these words to tease each other despite being aware of their academic capacity. Uites can be very playfully mean

8. Jacking

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Jacking and jachometer are very much related. Jacking is a substitute for reading. So instead of a Uite telling you, “Are you reading?”, they’ll rather say, “Are you jacking?” Looks like the person that came up with that word has worked at a mechanic shop

7. Erosion

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You cannot get the full essence of this word if you cannot imagine a full force of water pulling someone away. In one or more instances, you must have experienced a flood. Likewise, the flood of UI exams can carry students from one department to another in the university of another. People sometimes shame education students because most of these people end up in our faculty. Abeg, abeg, we do more work than others here cause we have the extra burden of teaching courses to carry. Put some respect on our name😎

6. Tsunami

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There’s hardly any fresher in the university of Ibadan that staylites haven’t scared with this word, but thank God some of us scaled through. A tsunami is a term used when a further student especially or any other category of student is told to leave the university because their CGPA is lower than 1.5. UI no gets joy at all. Only academic royalties are fit to stay in this academic empire! 


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Sapa didn’t originate from UI but it’s frequently used by its students. I can’t count the number of times I hear this word in lecture rooms, hostels or parks. As generally known, SAPA refers to Serious Absence. The most annoying thing I’ve discovered about using this word is that even those that are “Odogwus” hide under the umbrella of this word. You better repent so you don’t go to hell! No, be me talk am oo, na Mummy GO🤣

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4. TDB

Gosh! I can’t count the number of things I hear around UI daily. Some people think we exaggerate when we say Uites are jackometers. but the stuff is real mehn. Uites read like there’s no tomorrow. Once you hear them talking about TBD, it means they’re planning to read somewhere overnight. Some of the most popular places for TDB in UI include Kenneth Dike Library, SUB reading room and Tech Lecture. I’m still looking forward to my first TDB experience

3. MTN

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MTN is another slang associated with reading in UI. Are you already tired of hearing reading stuff? Lol, sorry. It’s with pride and confidence that I say Uites are no fun. Unlike student zombies(i just dey catch cruise oo) who sacrifice sleep for reading, MTN lords enjoy a night of blissful sleep and jack during the day. 


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As you argue with your friend and things get pretty heated between the two of you, any Uite around will be forced to tell you any statement that has “Abefele” in it. Just like the Nigeria Police Force, Abefele is the unit responsible for maintaining law and order in UI. However, the name for which they’re popularly known has turned into warning slang. 

The famous BOL, short for Book Of Life is another common slang in UI. A document which contains the result of every student in the university, jokes made with BOL aren’t so well most of the time. They fit make person cry blood. 

Greatest Uites! If there’s any slang you feel I’ve omitted unknowingly, pplease note in the comment session. 

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