How To Build A Social Circle Tailored For You

“Show me your friend and I will show you who you are” is a saying we all are familiar with. Friends are the ones we put a call through when we are down, they lend us a shoulder to cry on when we are in need of it. True friends willingly come through for us anytime, any day.

Below are some things to look at when we want to add someone to our friendship circle.

1. Character

Whatever friends you are choosing should have the same character like you to avoid stories that touch. If you are the prim and proper type then, look for someone who’s prim and proper but if you are the type that lives on the wild side of life look for your type. Remember, you have a reputation to uphold.

P.S: In case, you feel one type is boring, you can do both. Being wild and proper kind of sounds nice to me.

2. Vibes and Energy

Whether we like it or not, the kind of aura our friends carry affects us. So, if you are the kind that likes to stay active all day make sure the friends you keep are energetic humans and those that goes about with positive energy. If you mistakenly add someone with bad vibes into your circle, you will be sorry. I won’t advise you to do both here because it’s gon’be denjalouss.

3. Dress sense

Yeah, this is also important. Wait a second, now imagine, a church girl in a crew of slay queen or the other way round, it’s an eyesore, right? Exactly what my point is, when you make are choosing a friend choose someone that matches your dress sense. No go carry anybody, your circle may be arrested by the fashion police one day.

4. Self esteem

Choose someone who’s proud of their skin and body. It’s quite stressful when you have someone who doesn’t love themselves on the crew. Make sure your friends are proud of themselves even when they are in their ugliest forms or when they are walking nak*d on the streets (I didn’t mean that literally).

5. Outward appearance:

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If you are not on the beautiful and handsome people list, ensure you don’t hang out with the beautiful queens and handsome kings, so your little shine will not die(ouch, who stoned me, I was just giving a bit of friendly advice now).

Whoever you are adding to your friendship list should be someone with whom you share similar values, common goals and the same interests.

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