10 “Igi-Iwe” Departments In Unilag

The need to study well-known and reputable courses at the University of Lagos will always be there for many aspirants. Little do they know about the competitiveness of their dream courses. They become ignorant while their Jamb score is not even enough, and their aggregate score is not even up to the cut-off mark for these courses, and they still think it is child’s play to get admitted into these courses. They fail to believe they need to read their eyes and hearts out because the University of Lagos is one school that wouldn’t spare you by not giving you admission into your desired course, even if you are 0.6 points below the cut-off point for that course.

Today we have compiled 5 departments in Unilag where we have the “Igi Iwe,” that is, those who read as if their lives depended on it. Remember, they read before they got admitted into this department, and they must read to remain in this department because the University of Lagos has less tolerance for students who do not read and maintain good grades.

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1) Medicine and Surgery (College Of Medicine)

Pills are bitter, and so is this department, also brutal. This is the toughest department anyone can find themselves in because, starting from the cut-off mark, which is usually the highest among others, to your first year after gaining admission, if you don’t have up to a certain cut-off point that the university has designed for students to have, there is no way you are crossing over to study Medicine and Surgery. Instead, you would be given other courses that are less competitive.

You need to see the way medicine and surgery students drink big textbooks. I’m sure they even eat these books because you must read your heart out in this department. As of last year, the cut-off merit mark for this department was 80.8!

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2)Electrical Engineering (Faculty Of Engineering)

The Department of Electrical Engineering, under the faculty of Engineering, uses Jazz to read because, at the end of the day, this department and faculty produce the most first-class students in the entire school.

You cannot even argue that this department has many Igi iwe here. When it comes to books, they stand out! The cut-off mark for this department was 78.125 as of last year.

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3) LAW (Faculty Of Law)

This is a faculty and also a department on its own. This is to tell you that they don’t send anybody. Behind all those short black skirts and white tops they slay in, there is someone who reads like the world is about to end tomorrow. Starting with their cut-off mark, which is usually high and very competitive, you just cannot take law to be beans. The cost of their books alone is enough to open a mini boutique in Unilag.

They are to spend 5 years at the University of Lagos and another year in law school. But before they are eligible to spend this one year as a law student, how well they behaved during those 5 years will be scrutinized. Law students cannot even be involved in anything illegal because it disrupts their plans to attend law school.

The only thing that is right for a law student to do is to READ. Speaking of the cut-off mark, it was 76.5, which was based on merit last year.

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4)  Pharmacy (Faculty Of Pharmacy)

Your spirit, soul, and body will not remain the same if you are in a department like Pharmacy. An average pharmacy student will confess to you that pharmacy is tougher than medicine due to how much they have to read in that department. You hardly even see them at parties, because where is the time to party? They always read as if their lives depend on it. Well, it does.

Moving on.

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5)  Economics (Faculty Of Social Sciences)

You rarely see these students smile unless their lectures give them bonus marks, which I doubt happens to them. In this department, the way you read for exams is the way you read for a test, and the way you would read for a master’s exam is the way an Economics student would read for an exam. They usually carry guns to knife fights.

6) Biochemistry (Faculty Of Science)

This department sounds like the senior brother of chemistry. The department is known to produce a good number of first-class students, which shows the level at which the students in this department read. Going by last year’s cut-off mark, you should at least have 72.625 points to be eligible to study this course.

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7) Accounting (Faculty Of Management Sciences)

You will think it’s only money they learn how to count; you won’t know they read so much in that department. Their cut-off mark is also very high, so if you see those studying accounting, just duff your hats to them. This department has one of the highest cut-off marks. With 74.1 points, you might just be eligible to study this course, and you need to read because the University of Lagos is always known to increase its cut-off marks.

8)  Political Science (Faculty Of Social Sciences)

If you don’t sit up and read in this department, you will surely fail. There is nothing like brushing through the scheme of work and bouncing into the exam hall, trying to elongate the little you have read. You must have read in-depth any courses you are taking in this department because the lecturers there will read your answers line by line. Their lecturers have all the time in the world to read your work line by line. Trust me, even the lazy people in this department suddenly become brilliant when they see their first semester results.

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9) English (Faculty Of Arts)

Even if I have amnesia, I will still remember that this department has not produced any first class in the last 12 years or even more. You will think they don’t read, but they read as if life is hard. They can read up to 10 books for just a course, but at the end of the day, we don’t see any first class.

We’re still waiting for someone to break the jinx of no first-class students in that department.

The cut-off mark for this department was 68.175 as of last year.

10) Physics (Faculty Of Science)

I don’t know what these students look like; it’s like the department is draining their energy. You will think it is the same physics you did while you were in secondary school, but you will be shocked to see that it is way different.

Remember, Unilag is one school that has less tolerance for lazy students. You must be able to read, especially when you find yourself in challenging departments!

Are there other departments that you think should also be on this list? Share with us, please!