5 Benefits You Will Enjoy As A First-Class Scholar In Unilorin.

Welcome to the University of Ilorin, where every student is a scholar. This is because the school values excellence, and you must possess some scholarly traits to survive. It would take nothing from the school to send the weak students to face Tanke (Popularly term for withdrawal in Unilorin).

While everyone is a scholar by virtue of being a valid student at the University of Ilorin, you should know that Scholar pass Scholar, which is determined by students’ cumulative GPAs (CGPAs).

Like most other universities in Nigeria, at Unilorin, students’ academic performance is determined by their earned CGPA of 5.0 at the end of every academic session. To be a first-class scholar in your department at the University of Ilorin, you must have a CGPA of at least 4.5. Anything less is regarded as a second-class upper scholar, which might not earn you benefits from the school authorities.

Below are five benefits you would enjoy from the University of Ilorin authorities if you were a class-first scholar. It is possible to be more than a first-class scholar in a department, but the school only favors the top with these benefits, and others are honored uniquely too.

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1. It Comes with Huge Respect and Honor.

Like I said earlier, at the University of Ilorin, every student is respected as a scholar because the opposite can’t survive in school. While becoming a first-class scholar in Unilorin isn’t always easy, it requires a lot of hard work, smartness, diligence, and many other things, but it is all worth it. Achieving it comes with huge respect and honor from people around you.

Your classmates, lecturer, and the entire school would be looking at you, respecting you, and treating you with dignity.You would also have the title ‘scholar‘ glued to your name throughout your stay on campus.

2.  Chance Of Being Employed After Graduation.

It is easy to get employed as an academic staff member at the University of Ilorin after graduation if you are a first-class scholar during your stay on campus. This is because there have been stories of scholars who were retained as lecturers or assistant lecturers at the university after their graduation.

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One example is Prof. Issa Oloyede, the present Registrar and Chief Executive of Nigeria’s Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, and past Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ilorin. He was a graduate of the university, where he received both his BSc and his PhD, and was an outstanding, first-class student during his stay in school. He served as an assistant lecturer in the school soon after his graduation before becoming the vice chancellor, and his grade is one of the factors that enhanced this. There are still many others like that.

This doesn’t mean that getting a chance to be employed as an academic staff in the university is biased. It simply means that the school values its scholars and is ready to honor them at any time.

3. Over 93 Thousand Cash Prizes.

This is the biggest motivation that enhances the race among students at Unilorin to become the number one scholar in their various departments. Everyone wants to secure the “bag.

At the end of every session, a first-class scholar at every department in Unilorin is qualified for a cash prize of above 93 thousand naira from the school management. Isn’t that cool enough to live an average life on campus for a semester or more?

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Apart from this cash prize from the school authority, some departments like the department of sociology have an Ex-students association that also gives a cash reward to the best scholar of the department every session.

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4. Free Hostel On Campus

Apart from the monetary value, another fantastic benefit of being a first-class student at Unilorin is free and easy access to the school-owned hostel. Unless you don’t want to stay in the school hostel, as a first-class scholar in Unilorin, you would have a bed space reserved for you at the school-owned hostel at the beginning of every session.

This also serves as a means of honoring first-class scholars at Unilorin and making their stay on campus easy in terms of accommodations.

5. Access to the Convocation Arena

As a first-class scholar at your early level in Unilorin, you have the chance that no other students have. You would be honorably invited to the convocation ceremony to participate in and witness its activities. This isn’t your convocation ceremony, but you would be more welcome than those graduating with a 2.1 grade.

This doesn’t mean that the University of Ilorin doesn’t value, or honor students based on their grades. The school celebrates excellence and gives honor to young, first-class scholars to serve as a means of motivation and not to oppress the less fortunate.

Graduating with first-class comes with honour and prizes during the convocation. The previous convocation held at the University of Ilorin favored first-class students over students of other grades. This is because only they were allowed into the main convocation arena, and other students were made to stay outside the arena.

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Be a scholar, so Unilorin won’t deny you access to your convocation arena. Lol.

With or without these benefits to enjoy in Unilorin as a first-class scholar, having a first-class degree or any good grade will go a long way to assist and favor you in the labor market and beyond. Don’t let anyone deceive you that education is a scam and your grade doesn’t matter to secure your employment or a better living after school. Your grade does matter a lot. When you can be anything in school, why not strive to be the best?