Top 5 Popular Chilling Spots At UNILAG

After a strenuous class, where do you go to blow off steam? Where do you spend time with friends, or maybe a crush? Some of us just hang around classes most times when there are places you can chill at Unilag. Some of them are:

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The most popular place is the Lagoon Front. Lovers, friends, and classmates troop to the lagoon front to take in the scenery and relax. It is a nice chilling spot for ladies and gents alike. You get a full view of the Mainland Bridge, which is said to be the longest bridge in Nigeria, from the Lagoon Front and the water that stretches into the lagoon.

It also has an excellent background where you can rest and unwind, and you can also go there with a book or a camera. Read a book, picnic with friends, or take beautiful pictures of the environment. You can even pay to get a ride across the lagoon. You won’t want to leave.


Placed right beside the Faculty of Arts, the Love Garden is a location passed from generation to generation. It is a place associated with Unilag, even to non-alumni. It is a spot filled with trees that creates a comfortable shed, and there are seats made from cement to aid comfort. During the day, you’ll find lovers gisting and chilling here, and more at night.

Another factor that attracts students here is the wifi. You can connect easily and browse as much as you like with Swift WiFi, which is accessible to all students.

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This is a popular chilling spot next to Moremi Hall, painted with red Coca-Cola-inspired graffiti. No matter what time you went there, the place was always bustling with students and activities. Students go there to relax and gist, and you can get junk food while at it.

Activities and shows also take place here. We might have seen Dandizzy, the popular rapper who does freestyles on the streets and at schools, in a joint painted red at Unilag doing what he loves doing: the Moremi Love Garden.


Do you need free wifi while you relax and enjoy lovely, sun-kissed pictures with mind-blowing backgrounds? Access bank dey for you. Access Bank is located opposite New Hall and has become a chilling spot for students at the University of Lagos.

It has a welcoming environment that attracts students like bees to honey, and you’d hardly find it empty.

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Where the big girls at? Widely known as the New Hall. It comprises male and female hostels popularly known for their fun activities day and night. It is visited by many students during the day and is located in the center of campus.

The place is always lit at night, and you’ll see male and female students hanging around, chilling with their partners. It is a very popular spot in Unilag.

Apart from these, there are a lot of spots you can hang around at Unilag, but these are the popular ones. What other chilling spot do you know in Unilag?