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Top 5 Venues Best for Love Birds on OAU Campus


Love is in the air and OAU isn’t an exception, considering OAU is one of the universities with the largest land mass, it’s easier for students to catch feeling up and down. Not trying to snub Unilag students but do you know OAU has a landmass of about 13000 acres containing the universities of Lagos 35.4 times? E shock you! Back to our discussion, who says love na scam? Na because you never meet the love of your life.

As a “single pringle” or “Romeo and Juliet” have you ever thought about the nicest venues for love birds in Africa’s most beautiful? OAU is no doubt the most beautiful campus in Africa, so expect us to have the nicest place for love birds. This article scrutiny in descending order lists out the top five (5) venues best for love birds to have fun, proffer their love to one another, and chill.

5) Agric Fountain:

This is usually less busy which earns it one of the places to spit out those swelling words. It is located just the walking into the Environmental Design and Management (EDM) before taking a turn to the Agric lecture theatre. The top of the EDM building is sometimes used by upcoming OAU Music artists to shoot music videos. Supercool right? It’s just an entrance to enter the beautifully built Ajose lecture theatre if you will be going through the top. It’s a cool place to stay with your lover all by yourselves or with a few people around but it is more secluded for love birds under the cool evening breeze.

4) Student Union Building (SUB):

This is the most active place for commercial activities on the OAU Campus. Aside from having awesome buildings and structures best for love birds, we are also vast when it comes to commercial activities. SUB is located on the other side of Bustop just ahead of the Sports Complex. It is also an awesome place to take your lover to see a movie and take some nice shots at the backdrop. You can also grab a pack of popcorn with a cone of ice cream to fill your taste and dive into the world of ecstasy.  I will call it “London on campus”, especially at night when everywhere is lit up. What a beautiful place to behold and enjoy yourselves!


3) Jubilee Garden:

This is located towards the campus gate, just behind the beautifully crafted OAU logo among neatly trimmed flowers with the inscription of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. It is an exciting place to have lots of fun. It has a swing and some other fascinating stuff with well-trimmed flowers all around. The Jubilee Garden is a cool place to propose that your lover girl and gist till when you both are tired under the cool breeze. Trust me, you will love it.

2) Motion Ground:

This is the lovey-dovey center of the Ogbafemi campus that is met for a variety of fun, picture shots, and other celebrations. It is well decorated with flowers of different kinds which give more beautification to its surroundings. It is located right beside the school bookshop, and at the front of the school library. The grass floor is carefully designed in squares and it is also quite busy with people coming around to take lovely pictures. Hence, if you are on the lookout for a place to freely pour out your feelings to that beautiful damsel or hottie guy, Motion Ground is the best venue to shoot your shot, especially at night because love of the moon is the best.

1) New Buka Cafeteria:

This is another place to quench your taste and fill up your savor with cool delicacies, after forks and fingers at the Student Union Building (SUB). It is located close to the new market just opposite ETF Hostel. It is the place where you can get your choice of food, be it, swallow (eba, amala, pounded yam, and so on) with satisfying soup or different grain food, even snacks of all kinds with assorted drinks. Its surrounding is cool to behold and there’s no dull moment so feel free to have fun.


Love is a beautiful thing and would be better and more memorable if done in a beautiful place. Hence, citing the best venue to proffer your love to your partner goes a long way. It could trigger the sweetness and the memory could keep your relationship stronger amidst a raging storm.