I Was Dumbfounded On My Birthday


It is 5:30 in the morning, I can’t sleep because today is my birthday, I am excited! It was a bright start to my day with the calls and wishes have been receiving.

I was glued to my phone, waiting patiently for the love of my life to call or text, to give me a mind-blowing message. I kept rolling on my spacious bed.

Different thoughts came to my mind, I was anxious that I had no choice but to call today to find out what was wrong. Tunde did not pick up my calls, drastically my heart began to beat fast.

In a few minutes, a notification message drops on my phone, and anxiously I check it.

I was dumbfounded!


Reading the text message: “You have proved that everything good, will not last long. We shared a beautiful relationship and now it is over. Goodbye. I don’t want to talk to you ever again.”

My phone fell, it looked like I was dreaming, sluggishly I picked my phone back up to confirm it from Tunde.

After a long call, he finally picks up the call, saying, “Funke the message you saw is true, Goodbye”

I screamed in a loud voice, Tunde, please! What did I do? To my amazement, he cut the call.

Immediately! My heart is bleeding, as tears flow like a river, how the love songs turn to tears of a broken heart.

I was swimming in a world of confusion in my room, as Tunde tore my heart again, as I kept on reading the message again, my heart kept on begging for protection.

Now I knew that Tunde was not heaven-sent but you changed my tears to an instrument as they are sounding like consequences.