You probably don’t understand why this should be addressed at all, and I wonder why! Why is it that subjects like fashion is restricted to the female gender? As a guy, there are several reasons you want to pay attention to your fashion sense. Remember that saying that you will be addressed the way you’re dressed? Well, it does not just rhyme. It’s true!

Whether you’re trying to get a job or a girl, you certainly have a better chance if you’re well dressed and exuding the right amount of confidence. That said, I’m sure you see how important dressing well could help you as a man. Today, I’ll be talking about certain fashion blunders that men make and should discard now!

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1. Wearing worn out and beaten down shoes

It doesn’t matter how good the other parts of your outfit look, if you have shoes on that are not clean and in good shape as well, then your entire look would have been ruined. I understand that a lot of men’s fashion items are expensive and you really cannot afford to get so many shoes with this depressing economy. Here’s my advice to you then, rather than getting multiple shoes of various colours that aren’t even of great quality, you can get a few ones of neutral colours that will last you longer. Also, ensure you take good care of your shoes. Even if it’s of good quality, if you don’t care for your shoes well, they really won’t serve you as long as they should.

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2. Socks with sandals

Why? No, why are you doing such? I don’t even know what to say to you. Sandals are meant to be worn with bare feet, please. If your feet are not parts of your body that you are comfortable showing off, then avoid sandals. Because your faves are doing it doesn’t mean it’s right and acceptable.

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3. Sagging

Please, we don’t want to see the boxers you are wearing, neither do we want to help you keep tabs on the number of boxers you have, what colours you have them in and how often you wash them too. We’d rather not, thank you very much. Please pull up your trousers. It certainly doesn’t make you look gentlemanly at all.

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4. Wearing over-sized ties

Even remembering some instances I’ve seen on some men has me laughing out loud right now. I’m sorry. 😂 You shouldn’t let your tie fall beyond your beltline if you want to avoid looking immature and like you were born in another generation.

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5. Mismatching colours between shoes and belts

Don’t wear brown belts with black shoes and vice versa. Your shoes and belts should always be the same colour. It doesn’t matter that black and brown are both neutral colours. Your belt and shoes must always match.

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6. Wearing too many colours at once

It’s all good that you want to explore and try on bold colours, but wearing yellow jeans, a blue shirt, a red tie and green shoes all at once is another level. No, bruv. 😂 Keep the contrast to 2-3 colours at most. You don’t want to be looking like a clown on the streets.

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7. Not tucking in your dress shirts

Unlike t-shirts, dress shirts are meant to be tucked in. It’s just bad fashion to fly out your shirts. If you’ve been told before now that that is cool, I’m telling you that’s a solid no-no. If you are the type who never tucks anything in, then at least invest in shorter dress shirts.

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In conclusion, avoid following trends blindly. They fade over time and you don’t want to invest in something that won’t be “in” later. Plus, some of them aren’t our style, but the pressure to wear what everyone is wearing pushes us.

Instead of following trends, invest in high-quality fashion items that will always be vogue first. Then if you see other trends that catch your fancy and suit your style, you can jump on them!